Thursday, August 22, 2013

Coffee Table Covered with Glass Tiles

Coffee Table 1

Yep, it’s really me posting something new to the the blog!  I seem to have taken an extended break from writing.  It just kind of happened.  To those of you who sent me notes to check on me…thanks for thinking of me.  It’s nice to know I was missed!  It just kind of happened…guess I needed a break and it’s nice to back today posting something new. 

Since I last posted my daughter has graduated from college…found her first job….(we are so proud)…and moved into her first apartment.  We did some budget shopping for her new place and this was a project I completed about a month ago as my contribution to her new home.  She needed a coffee table so it was off to Goodwill to see what I could find.  And this sweet and very small coffee table was found and purchased for $10.00.  Such a deal!

I love the look of glass tiles…they are very big in home tile projects for both the kitchen and bath now days.  I like how they are transparent and the tiles I picked have the look and color of sea glass.  Not to be confused with my new favorite wine called Sea Glass which is a Sauvignon Blanc and can be found in my area at Whole Foods, Harris Teeter, and World Market.   It’s possible a glass or two was consumed during the course of this project but…I digress…. :)  (It’s an awesome white wine…if you see it buy it!!)

      Coffee Table Before

Anyway….back to the table!       First think I did was wipe off all the cobwebs and then washed it down and let it dry.  At first I thought I could get away with spray painting it but it wasn’t covering very well and was looking kind of blotchy so I then decided to hand paint paint it with some leftover cream colored paint that I had left over from an old project.  I gave the whole table 2 coats with a brush and let it dry in between coats.  Then after the table was completely dry…


     Coffee Table 2

I let it sit over night……I waxed the table with some Annie Sloan Soft Wax.  This was something I just had to have and I asked for it last Christmas.  This was the first time I had a chance to use it.  I realize that it should have been used along with Annie Sloan Paint but I was impatient and wanted to use up some of my old paint in the garage from some former projects.  And I LOVE that brush!!

Next I purchased the glass tiles from Michael’s craft store.  I purchase 6 bags for $1.99 each thinking that would be plenty.  Wow was I wrong….6 bags didn’t quite cover half of the table.  So I went back and purchased 8 more bags from another Michaels’ store because I had wiped the first location out!  Surprisingly, still not enough and and additional couple of bags were required.  In the end, my daughter didn’t like the red glass tiles so she pulled all of them out and so the final project was covered only with the blues, greens, and the clear tile..  Gives the table a more “beachy” look I think.  It was also decided that we wouldn’t glue the tiles down as originally intended.  The tiles fit together so nicely and I didn’t want to risk seeing the glue through the clear tiles after they were dried.  So, since gravity is our friend and we thought it might be fun to pick up tiles and rearrange and maybe spell words out with them on the table…we left them unglued.  Just pick a glue that says it dries clear if you want something more permanent.


Coffee Table 3

This was a fun and easy project…and did I mention cheap too?