Thursday, August 14, 2014

Yellow Rag Quilt

Yellow Rag Quilt 043

My latest Rag Quilt.  This time I stayed with just one fabric and the result is this soft and very girly shabby chic yellow rage quilt!

I used all the same fabric on one side and the back side is a solid pale yellow. 

Yellow Rag Quilt 031

I love this quilt.

Yellow Rag Quilt 042

I want to make it again in a bigger size size.   Right now it’s the size of a baby quilt.  I would love to have this draped across the foot of a bed or even to have it in a lap sized quilt size would be nice.

Yellow Rag Quilt 035

Perfect for book reading or TV watching.  Happy Thursday Everyone!

Monday, August 4, 2014

How to Make Fairy Garden Magic Mushrooms

Fairy Garden 037

So today I added a few things to my beginner Fairy Garden.  The moss and thyme that I planted a few weeks ago in an oversized basket have really taken to their new home and have started to creep and spread out a bit.  I found a few things to add to the garden although I am still fairy-less and would like to find an inspired idea on how to make a suitable house for my fairy to move in to when I find her.  Unless of course I go the garden gnome route…which is possible…but I really think I’d rather have a fairy you know.   I love, love, love this little red bike.  I found it at Hobby Lobby along with a few other things like the fence sections, a little red wagon, and a lantern

Fairy Garden 029

And then I spotted some little mini sized drawer pulls made out of wood and I thought they would be perfect for the magic mushrooms I wanted to make. 

Fairy Garden 001     Fairy Garden 005

I purchased a bag of 6 wooden drawer pulls at Hobby Lobby for $1.99 and pulled out my craft paints when I got home and whipped me out some mushrooms.

I used white outdoor craft paint but only because I already had it.  I have had good luck with regular craft paint standing up to the outdoors just fine but get the outdoor paint if you are buying new just to be sure…otherwise use what you have on hand. 

I also lucked out in that I already had a bottle of bright red gloss enamel craft paint that I used to paint the tops of the mushroom.  I really love the glossier finish when they were dry and so I highly recommend it.  A happy accident that I would encourage you to repeat.  : )

Fairy Garden 008     Fairy Garden 012

Each drawer pull/mushroom took two coats of paint.  I first painted the whole drawer pull with two coats of white and then I painted the tops with two coats of the glossy red.  Then the fun part was adding the polka-dots.  I simply dipped the top of my paint brush in white paint and carefully dabbed the dots on top and let them dry. 

Fairy Garden 024

After they were dry I nestled them into the garden.

Fairy Garden 017

Love, love love, this little red bike. Bears repeating!  I think it might need a basket with some flowers for the handle bars don’t you? 

  Fairy Garden 014         

 Magic mushrooms.  Have you ever seen mushrooms like these in the wild?  Red with the polka dots?  I believe they exist and I for one would squeal with delight if I ever came across them in the woods someday. : )


Fairy Garden 013

So the Fairy Garden is coming along.  Very happy with how the mushrooms turned out.  I am still on the hunt for the perfect fairy and house.  And there are some amazingly cute and creative fairy garden items on Etsy.    Have a look and see if you don’t become inspired along the way to start your own garden!