Monday, November 16, 2009

Bye Bye Brass

lamp redo 006

One of the things that I never believed about spray paint was that it would stick to shiny surfaces. It really does and each time I spray something I am just as amazed as the first time I tried it. We have had this brass lamp probably since we first got married. Shiny brass was very big in the 80’s. It is a great lamp and it gives off a lot of light.

Spray Paint 012

It’s the same lamp I mentioned in an earlier post when I mentioned that it “buzzed” when you turned it on. We tried to replace the socket on our own and it still buzzed after we were done so it was then time for a professional. Well, I took it to a local lamp shop and had them put a whole new socket it in it….good as new. Almost. It was still UGLY. And the lampshade had a drip of dried paint on it from when we painted the living room and turned it into an office.

Spray Paint 019

A can of Rust-e-oleum Metallic spray paint is what I used to bring it up to date.

Spray Paint 015

See how shiny it was?

Spray Paint 016

I taped off the cord and the socket area and gave it couple of coats of spray paint.

Spray Paint 020

And wow did the details become more noticeable!

Spray Paint 021

lamp redo 005

It is amazing to me that I can get that oiled rubbed bronze look with a can of spray paint!!

lamp redo 007

I picked up a new shade for it too. I am loving anything Burlap these days and found another shade that was bigger and I love the whole look. I re-did a floor lamp a week or so ago that I found at the Goodwill…remember the “danglies”? Well I decide to move that one to the family room and put my new re-do in it’s place in the office. It is a bit bigger and gives off more light and it also just looks better in there!

lamp redo 006

Another miracle created with the help of Rust-o-leum. :) (I know...I need to start hiding my cords.) :)


Jan @ bobbypinsboardwalk said...

It is absolutely beautiful. You wouldn't even know that it's the same lamp. I love the shade too! Beautifully done!

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

Great job welcoming the lamp to the 2000's. I love spray paint.

ButterYum said...

Haha... I was just thinking, "she should tuck those cords out of sight". Speaking of cords, did you know you can have the lamp shop replace the brass colored cord for something that coordinates with the renovated lamp better?

Anyway, great transformation!


Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

Good tip... I never thought about replacing the cord! Or maybe I just need to get some of those cute cord covers at Ballard Designs??

Cathy said...

Amazing!!! I love how it turned out!!! The shade is perfect!!!


Lisa @ akawest said...

That lamp is gorgeous.
I am showing this post to my husband. I told him that shiny metal can be painted, and he disagreed!!! I knew that I should have forced the issue, and bought the cute chrome toilet paper stand at a garage sale on Saturday. Darn it!

Carla said...

Hi Lisa! Your newly painted lamp looks great! It's taken on a whole new life. I'm like you . . . always amazed what a good ole can of Rustoleum can do! I just spray painted all the VERY shiny brass switch plate and outlet covers throughout my house. They came out looking fabulous.

Oh, thanks for stopping by my new blog and becoming a follower. I just love the name of your blog. It's so unique! I'm off to poke around your place at some past posts.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I would be amazed, too! It turned out great, Lisa! I think paints have come a long way {they have them for plastic, too, which I couldn't believe when I first heard about it}. You could probably make your own cord cover with, hmmmmm, maybe burlap and some hem tape or hot glue.

The Stylish House said...

Spray paint is a very, very good thing! I get a kick out of making an ugly duckling into a swan.
P.S. I'm a pickle lover

Melanie said...

You're fuuny:) Hiding the cords! That would be me. Can't stand cords. Since we moved in our house two weeks ago (hence the late comment....behind on the blogs) we had our internet hooked up and I thought it would be good for the router to be in our bedroom. Well, I didn't remember it having so many cords. I am thinking that it is heading to the basement.

the cottage child said...

I love the bronze spray paint - it looks like the real thing, doesn't it? Saved me about $100 replacing knobs around the house (also a lovely shade of shiny brass).

Very nice lamp.