Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Southern Living in the Wintertime

For the most part I think we have adjusted quite well to living in the South even though I can’t help but feel that I am still really a Mid-Westerner.   Well, I did until a visit to the Chiropractor when my husband threw his back out a few months ago.  Now I don’t know what we are.   We were meeting the Doctor and having some pleasant chit chat when my husband mentioned to the Doctor that we  noticed he was from Iowa according to his bio and that we were from the Mid-West too. “Oh really?”  he said.    “Where are you from. “    “Michigan!”  we both said at the same time.  The Doctor got the strangest look on his face and  mumbled something about Michigan not really being part of the Mid-West.  Oh really?!  That was news to me!   Is this how Iowans see Michiganders?  I wonder how the Missourians or people from Indiana feel?  I had always felt a kind of kinship with them.  Our Chiropractor made us feel like posers.   He was a fine  Doctor  but I think he needs to look at a map and now my sense of identity is further confused. 

But the Southerness continues to seep in.  I can scramble for bread, milk, and water like the best of them when the prediction for snow comes.  I can fully appreciate the beauty of a magnolia wreath at Christmas time and can immediately spot the Southern Ham and pepper jelly on a buffet table.   And we all love our BBQ and I catch all of us singing along a bit more to the radio when a country song is on.   

And then you have our children who have pretty much grown up here in the South.    Our Daughter is a Tarheel through and through and tonight she will be a attending a Debutante Ball as the guest of her best friend and room mate.   It is going to be quite the formal affair.  A conservative and very formal dress was required.  I can’t wait to see the pictures and hear all about it.   And our son who has always been a Chick Fil A man, has decided that Biscuitville is his new favorite fast food breakfast of choice. 

A Debutante Ball and Biscuitville all in the same month.  Not a bad thing.   It’s just a bit much to process.  So you see as I said, the Southerness continues to seep in and I am okay with it.   But, I don’t care what any one says, I will never be convinced that Pimento Cheese is a good idea. :)


Melanie said...


I am from the south and I don't eat that stuff. UGH!

Can't wait to hear about the ball.

Happy@Home said...

As a fellow Michigander now living in NC, I can relate to this post.
I will never understand livermush ~ just the sound of it makes me cringe :).
As far as Michigan being in the midwest, Midwest Living magazine includes us and that is good enough for me.

Verde Farm said...

I love pimento cheese--you just haven’t had the right kind yet. Southern living is a great treat. Have you had leather britches yet? I agree with Happy at Home--I don’t get the livermush but I’ve never seen it before either :) Can’t wait to see pics of the daughter’s dress-how fun.

Destiny said...

I was born in Louisiana, grew up in Tennessee...so I'm a true southerner :) I miss the south - we've been in Colorado for 3 years now. Enjoy the southern hospitality..I miss that here, though there are some things I do not miss about the south - HUMIDITY for one LOL! Have a happy New Year! ~Destiny

Janean said...

it DOES seep in. one day i asked my honey to get *the buggy* instead of shopping cart. i was mortified. lol!

p.s. being a missourian, i think of michigan as part of the midwest. poor doctors can't know EVERYthing, huh? ;)

Gina said...

We must have traded places--I'm a southern gal who has lived on the frozen tundra now almost 12 years! My southern born/Iowa raised daughter is getting re-acquainted with her southern roots by attending a southern university. The best is hearing her say "yes mam" and "momma" again!

Jen S. said...

I've never heard of Biscuitville! Now you've got me curious what it's like :)
We grew up in North Dakota (and I still have the goofy accent even though we haven't lived there in many years!) We now live in Las Vegas.
I cannot even imagine going to a Debutante Ball....I'm guessing it's going to be very nice and very fancy! How fun :)

sissie said...

Oh now come on, you know pimento cheese sandwiches are really yummy! LOL!

I was born an Appalachian Mountain Girl and now transplanted on the NC coast and have found the south somewhat different. Accents, food likes and mannerisms. My friend eats some pretty weird stuff and she is as southern as gritts!


nichole said...

Just stumbled here from Melanie's blog.

I think I have to fly south just to visit Biscuitville! I've been working on perfecting biscuits for a few months (born in the North, so I'm doomed).

I've even ordered White Lily flour! ;)

Tammy at Tattered and Timeless said...

So funny you crack me up. My son's swear by Bojangles, they drink sweet tea all the time, my youngest born and bred here in NC (older two were not) call me momma- which cracks the older two up who just say mom.
I love the south - so mannerly and it moves slower here. But I did love Omaha, Nebraska too- just too cold there.
The south takes over your heart first the rest just falls into line after that.

Tee said...

I suwannee, Lisa, you're gettin bettah at makin fun of us southun gals than we are ourselves, bless your heart. But for heaven's sake what could evah be wrong with pimento cheese? I did get caught without mah requisite loaf of white bread this weekend. Oh, the shame I felt!

Hope you have a Happy New Year!

Jane said...

It is interesting how people view different parts of the country. I grew up in Kansas and my first job out of college moved me to Ohio. When people from Ohio told me they were Midwesterners I used to think they were crazy...at that time Ohio to me was back East.
Hope you enjoy your New Year's Eve! Here's to a wonderful 2011.