Friday, October 28, 2011

End of October Randomness

I am really going to miss Regis.  What a curmudgeon but so loveable!  And although I am sure he feels it is his time to go, I will miss him.

I miss Oprah only a tiny bit.  She was a good filler in my day right before I had to get serious about making something for dinner.    I thought she got a little bit too preachy for a while but I was able to take her with a grain of salt on those days.  Dr. Oz is great, but I think the format of his show is already starting to get old.  I mean just how many days of the week can we watch someone  from the audience don the the rubber gloves and  pick up and peel away the towel on the table  to reveal more human organs plagued with disease?  The grossed out factor is starting to wear thin and now it’s just plain weird.

I haven’t had a cold in 3 years!  Honestly and I’ve been keeping track.  BUT, I have a whopper today, compliments of my teenage son.  I am miserable.   I have been using Zicam for the last week and I honestly thought I beat it but last night it  hit me like a ton of bricks.  I don’t just get your average cold.  I get the knock you on your butt kind.  You know the ones where your eyes don’t stop tearing for days so mascara is worthless and you can’t wear your contacts so you have to wear your glasses all day and you are virtually guaranteed of having an extremely bad hair day for a minimum of  three days in a row.    I have also been known to walk around with a tissue hanging out of one or the other nostril.  Oh, look, I have one tucked in there now.  It’s a good look.

I am hoping I feel better for the BIG Halloween party tomorrow night.  Our friends go all out and have a band  and a bartender who makes spooky themed  drinks that you select off of a menu.    They host it every other year.  And this is an “on” year.  Still working on our costumes.  I can’t reveal just yet what we are going to be.  It’s still a secret.  Let’s just say for now that  feather boa’s are required for one and a top hat for the other.

I can tell you that we made a cupcake costume for my daughter last weekend that turned out cute.  She took it back to school with her for the big street party on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill where she goes to school.  We took some shiny/silvery fabric and backed it with some iron on interfacing to help make it stiff and then we folded it accordion style so that when it wrapped around her it looked like a cup cake liner.  We then took a piece of cardboard that we cut to look like the icing on top, wrapped quilt batting around that and glued it down, then wrapped that with a pink satin fabric and glued that down.  Glued on some colored mini pom poms to look like sprinkles.  Then we took a bright pink puffy shower sponge thingy, glued some twisted green pipe cleaners to make a stem and then attached that to a head band to be the cherry on top.  It turned out cute!  No pictures yet but I hope to have some next week after the big party.

I am taking a wine and cheese class next week at Southern Season’s in Chapel Hill next week with a friend.  Wish we didn’t have to drive so far to do fun things like this but that’s just the way it is. 

I am amazed every time I vacuum and see just how much dog hair and dirt gets sucked out of my carpets. It’s repulsive really.

Oh, I am getting a cleaning lady!  We are in the early stages of negotiation (with my husband).  My sad little wrists were thrown into carpel tunnel braces two weeks ago from the combination of scrubbing the shower, carrying too many grocery bags at one time, and playing tug of war with the dog.  This is going to be such a luxury to me.  I think I want the kind that sends a “team” in and gets in done in a few hours.  The company I am looking at  has someone with a vacuum strapped to their back! 

I still haven’t bought any Halloween candy.  If I wait much longer I’ll be forced to pass out little boxes of raisins.  I always thought that was the worst treat you could get when I was a kid.  Raisins!  Who gives out raisins?  That and pennies.  I hated getting pennies too. 


Ti said...

So sorry that you aren't feeling better, but you know how it is with colds, you have to get worse before you can get better. This means you will be in tip-top shape for the party!

I hope you share pics of the costumes.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to have a cleaning lady come in, just to do the kitchen and the bathrooms for me. I can do the rest.

You're so right about the pet hair... I too am amazed at how much the vacuum captures in just a day or two between vacuums.

Get well soon, colds are such a bummer.

Sewconsult said...

Get better soon. I worked my hands into carpal tunnel with smocking and other hand embroidery. Each year its been another body part to fail! I would love to have a cleaning service, but hubby won't go that route, but he also won't recognize what he could do to help! It's only going to get worse, before we get to the hiring stage!

Debi@7Gates said...

Girl, are you newsy today. First, Mucinex really helps. Second, just finished up a cooking class at Southern Seasons and it was WONDERFUL; you will have a blast. Franlin Street Halloween - Do not attempt to leave your car anywhere around there. Forget Regis and Oprah, you still have Ellen. Lastly, have a blast at the Halloween party; sounds like my kind of event. Cheers!!!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

I'm so sorry you've got the crud, but the tissues up the nostrils made me laugh out loud... and nearly spew my oatmeal. You have a way with words.

Hope you feel better soon and your pooch gets the shedding under control.


CosmoGirl Carla said...

Hi Lisa! So sorry you've been under the weather. I bet all the stress you went through those couple weeks really contributed to your immune system failing a bit on you.

I'm gonna miss Regis too. Love the show. Watched it for years, but I think he's time is due. Sometimes I wonder if he's suffering from a bit of dementia.I'm curious who's going to take over for him. I was over Oprah years ago, and never really watched Oz. I flip between the Docs and Nate if I'm home in the p.m.

Hope you took pics of your daughter's costume. Would love to see it. And your's too! Getting a cleaning person/service would be a great help for sure. Sometimes I wish I had a cleaning person. I clean house, and sometimes I have to force myself to get mine done!

Hope you feel better for the party tonight. Take pictures!