Friday, January 27, 2012

Can’t Get Enough

I can’t seem to get enough of the following:


1.  Downton Abbey-  I found this quite by accident this past summer when the temperatures were blasting and I wanted something to watch in the comfort of the air conditioning.   I found the first season on Netflix and I watched the entire first season and patiently waited for season two to start on Sunday nights on PBS.  You can watch it on Sunday nights at 9PM on PBS.

2.  The Chicken Noodle Soup at Chik-fil-A -  It’s made with white meat chicken, I think a bowl cost something like $2.50, its full of carrots, and it’s delicious. 


3.  KMS Hair Play Spray-  I LOVE this stuff!  It’s a dry spray that perks up your hair.  If you have somewhere to go in the evening after a long day, give your head a spray and finger fluff your hair and you’ll be amazed at how much this perks up your hair.  Lock it down with some regular hair spray and you are good to go! 

4.   Sirius Radio-  The mini van died last month.  Right before Christmas the transmission blew.   I wanted another mini van but my family intervened and said absolutely not.  It was time to move on.  So now I am now driving a new vehicle (and it’s not a mini van and I am learning to love it) that just happened to come with a 6 month subscription to Sirius Radio.   So many choices of what to listen to!  It makes me happy.

5.   My new treadmill- It’s been a rough couple of months and somehow, somewhere I hurt my back and back trouble is something I’ve never had to deal with before.  Well, I am on the mend after being a very good patient and attending all of my physical therapy sessions.  Decided a treadmill would be a nice replacement for the stationary bike that was collecting dust and serving as a clothing hanger in the corner of the bedroom.  I never liked riding that bike but I am enjoying the treadmill. 

6.  Red Dragon Cheese-  This is so good.  It’s a Cheddar that is made with ale and mustard seeds.  Very flavorful and delicious.  I know I’ve mentioned it before but I kind of forgot about it and recently re-discovered it.


7.    My Kindle Fire-  I love it but why can’t I find a cover/case for it that I like?   I love browsing and shopping for books online at Amazon with it, obsessively checking my email,  reading blogs and doing web searches while I am watching TV.  I am currently reading a Kindle Single called “My Seinfeld Year” by Fred Stoller.   He played an annoying boyfriend of Elaine’s in one episode and also wrote an episode as a writer for the show one season.  If you google his image you might recall seeing him.  He’s played quirky characters in other shows.  He ‘s what you would call a struggling actor but his quick little book is an enjoyable read especially because it gives you a glimpse on what it was really like on the set of Seinfeld.   If you are a Seinfeld fan and you have a Kindle you might want to give it try.  And the best part, it only cost $1.99.   


8.   French Lemon Cake-  This is a recipe worth making.  I made two of them last weekend.  Did you know you can get a bag of  12 lemons from Harris Teeter for $1.97?!  Anyway, use fresh lemon juice if you can for this cake.  It’s amazing.  We ate the first one before the weekend was over.  I sent the other back to school with the college student daughter.

9.  Quilts on my bed-   Something about cotton quilts stacked high. I have four on it right now.

10.  Wine and cheese, and cooking classes at Southern Season-  I took another class last night on cheese with a couple of very fun people.  We got to taste wine, sample some new cheeses, and then went out afterwards and enjoyed a cocktail, split an order of sweet potato fries, and split an order of pork belly sliders.  Ok, here is where I remind myself of why I sometimes think of myself as a “reluctant” foodie.  The sliders arrived and mine looked suspect.  I took off the top bun and picked at the chunk of meat.  I pulled off a few threads of pork and the rest of the chunk jiggled.  It was basically a 2” x 2” cube of fat with a couple of mini streaks of meat.  I should have known and embraced  the pork belly for what it was. It was pork belly!  What did I expect?   In the end, there was no way I was going to eat that cube of jiggilyness.  Did I mention that I liked the bun?  And the sweet potato fries…I had more than my share.  Delicious.


Anonymous said...

THAT cake is calling my name and my name is saying GO AWAY.

Ti said...

I was just going to email you to see if you were okay. Haven't seen you around lately.

I love BoxWave for ereader covers. They seem to design some really good ones.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I inadvertently became addicted to The Tudors on BBC America a few weekends ago. Apparently there was a marathon on that Sunday and I just got caught up in it. I was only looking for something to watch while I ate my lunch! Now I'm recording it every week because I can never remember which night it is on. I had read {several years ago} some books with historical history to them about the wives of Henry the VIII and it really followed it very well. Anyway, The Tudors is something I can't get enough of; I'm going to have to find the early episodes on Netflix or online.

Susan said...

1) love my trial of Sirius XM radio too...I think I must renew it's done.
2) if you want the most awesome cover for your Kindle, get an OBERON...check them out on FB, they are gorgeous! I have the blue Roof of Heaven.
3) Lisa, HOW do you make (and eat) cakes and stay so little??

CosmoGirl Carla said...

I can see why you can't get enough of some of those things, Lisa! Thanks for the tip on the book for the Kindle Fire. I'm still playing around "getting to know" my KF, and I'm a HUGE Seinfeld fan! Girl's relaxing weekend away next weekend so I'll definitely load up that book!

Have a great weekend!

Cerise said...

I too am in love with Downton Abbey and it is nice to hear from someone in the States that enjoys it as well. I live in Michigan but am a transplanted Canadian. So now I have only today and part of tomorrow to wait for the next episode. Maybe I should make that Lemon Cake while I wait!

Suzy said...

Hi Lisa. That cake looks major yummy! Is the Southern Season that you go to located in Chapel Hill? I've heard it's a great place! Pork belly? Ewww.... Oh - and I love me some Sirius radio - great for driving to the beach!