Friday, February 3, 2012

Carolina Cakes From Our State Magazine


This is one of my favorite magazines.  It’s called Our State and each month it is filled unique articles and  gorgeous photos about the people, places and most importantly the food you can find here in North Carolina.  I spotted this month’s issue at the checkout stand at the Harris Teeter yesterday and tossed it in with the rest of my groceries without really reading what was on the cover.  I saw the picture of the layered cake and figured it would be an issue that I would enjoy.  So last night, after cutting a new batch of fabric squares for the my next Rag Quilt (my newest crafting obsession, might as well ride it out before it passes), I sat down for a few minutes to look at my new magazine.   


That gorgeous cake on the cover wasn’t anything close to what I thought it was.  That is a shot of a  Maple Syrup and Country Ham Cake.  Mmmm hmmm.  What do you think?  Could you eat this?  Could you serve this at your next party?    This is served with a Red Eye Gravy Drizzle!!!


Or, how about this one.  It’s called The Nabs Cake.  Now, for everyone who wonders what the heck a “Nab” is, let me educate you much as I needed to be educated once upon a time.   From what I can tell, and it’s actually my daughter who informed me, “Nabs” are Southern slang for  those orange cheese and peanut butter crackers that you have probably been giving to your kids as a snack all these years.  My daughter was babysitting and the Mom she was sitting for told her that when the kids got hungry to just give them a pack of “Nabs” and something to drink.  Well, the babysitter called me later in a panic to ask me what “Nabs” were.  Heck if I know!  You better just ask the kids and let them tell you.    The kind we always buy are the Lance Toastchee crackers.   I wonder though if they are called Nabs all around the South or just here in North Carolina?  Anybody out there familiar with “Nabs”? 


The Pimento Cheese Cake (cough, cough, gag, gag,)  :)  Okay, enough said.  I can’t even go here.


The Krispy Creme Cake  Now, if calories were not such an unwelcome yet important part of my world, this might be a possibility. 


And now for the grand finale, I give you The Pepsi “N” Peanuts Cake.    I can’t say that I am not intrigued and would love a bite before I plunged ahead and made a whole cake.  Did you know Pepsi was invented in North Carolina?

I love how creative each of these cakes are and I also love how they identify which ingredients used are from North Carolina.  Need something unusual to take to that Superbowl party this year?  Any one of these just might be the ticket!

All of these recipes are available on the Our State North Carolina magazine website.  Just click on any of the cake names here and you will be linked to the recipes.  Bon appetite y’all!


Anonymous said...

HA! I was watching a morning talk show and they were discussing a chicken wings cupcake? HA HA... not sure I could handle that.

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Krispy Kreme cake...
My son doesn't like birthday cake- every year he requested a platter of KK donuts piled high and candles lit. I always loved the carnage when the kids all piled up to devour it!
He's 22 now and KK has closed, but we have great memories.
Pimento cheese cake...gag is not a strong enough word!
New follower. :)

gina said...

Ha! I saw that magazine in the checkout line but had no idea that was maple syrup and country ham cake! I love Nabs...guess since I have been in NC since I was a pre-teen they've always been that and not Toastcheese. Not too sure about any of these cakes. Have you ever seen Paula Deens recipe for Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding...makes me go into sugar shock just thinking about it!

The enchanted home said...

This is cruel.....these look so AMAZINGLY delicious! Wow......glad I don't get that magazine, too tempting!

manu said...

Pepsi and peanuts combo looks delicious!
Have a nica week end

Debi said...

That front cover of Our State had me fooled too. Could not believe it what it was. Nothing better than North Carolina Cheerwine and pizza for Superbowl food.

greenthumb said...

Not sure about those cakes, but I did have a Thai green chicken Macroon once.

Sue said...

I also get this magazine and when I saw the cover immediately went for the recipe and my reactions were "Yuck!" Creative but not real. Love the magazine!

Sue said...

I also get this magazine and when I saw the cover immediately went for the recipe and my reactions were "Yuck!" Creative but not real. Love the magazine!

April Lou said...

These are cool cakes. They are cool for looking at. I am not sure about eating.

JMJE said...

I am very interested in this Maple Syrup and Ham cake. Will check it out. My grandmother always called those crackers Nabs but I kind of thought she came up with that name as I've never really heard anyone else use it.