Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Cheese Mimolette

What a crazy week it’s been and it’s not even Friday yet,  Monday I had jury duty.  Augh!!  Luckily, I was not picked to serve because all three of the cases (2 criminal and 1 civil) were postponed and I didn’t have to serve.  But, that was after spending most of the day in a HOT jury room bored out of my mind before we were finally dismissed! 

Today was much more fun.  I spent it at a cheese seminar learning all kinds of tips and tricks and I got to try a new cheese today that I just loved.  It’s called Mimolette and it’s a French cow’s milk cheese that was just delicious.  At first I thought they were cutting up a cantaloupe melon because of it’s round shape and bright orange interior.  So delicious and highly recommended.  I am exhausted so more about my day of cheese later.  Seriously, look for the Mimolette next chance you get!


Anonymous said...

I love trying new cheese. I gave up cheese on my new way of eating though unfortunately. I will mention it to a neighbor that always serves great cheeses when she throws a party. She loves new cheeses too!

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Sounds delicious! I haven't met a cheese I didn't like yet! The next time I see it I'll pick it up! Thanks for sharing! What wine would you recommend serving with it?

P.S. Happy you did't get selected for Jury Duty . . . and if you ever see a "Federal Grand Jury" notice - RUN!!! It's the honey of jury duty service . . . I was lucky enough to serve on one - every Tuesday for a year!

Ti said...

It does resemble melon!

Looks and sounds delish. You always make me hungry!!

Andrew Tyson said...

The best cheese for cheese mites! The 3 month is good and the 12 month is fantastic! Hard, orange, tasty, french goodness!