Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Blueberry Crumb Bars


I found these delightful Blueberry Crumb Bars on Pinterest just yesterday and couldn’t stop thinking about them.  Especially since I had a container of blueberries sitting in my fridge that were just starting to pass their prime and I hated the thought of just throwing them away.  You know, soft enough where you don’t really just want to pop one in your mouth.  Nothing worse than getting a mushy berry.  These bars are not too sweet and they are absolutely delicious.  Thanks to the blog Annie Eats who found the recipe on Smitten Kitchen for the awesome recipe!

I cut the recipe in half and it worked beautifully using only 1 pint of blueberries.    I baked it in an 8 X 8  inch baking pan and they came out perfect.  Just the right amount.  If you are feeding a crowd or want lots of leftovers, make the regular sized recipe as listed below.  

Here is the recipe:

Blueberry Crumb Bars


1 cup sugar

1 tsp. baking powder

3 cups all-purpose flour

1 cup cold butter

1 egg

¼ tsp. salt

zest and juice of one lemon

4 cups fresh blueberries

½ cup sugar

4 tsp. cornstarch


Preheat the oven to 375°. Grease a 9×13” pan.

In a medium bowl, stir together 1 cup sugar, flour and baking powder. Mix in salt and lemon zest. Use a fork or pastry cutter to blend in the butter and egg. The dough will be crumbly. Pat half of the dough into the prepared pan.

In another bowl, stir together the sugar, cornstarch and lemon juice. Gently mix in the blueberries. Sprinkle the blueberry mixture evenly over the crust. Crumble remaining dough over the berry layer.

Bake in preheated oven for 45 minutes, or until top is slightly brown. Cool completely before cutting into squares.

Original Source:  Smitten Kitchen


Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Ma's coming over for coffee on Saturday, I think this is on the menu-thanks:@)

Anonymous said...

We have a party to go to this week-end. I think I may now know what to bake and take! Thank you!!!

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

OMG, these look delicious! Guess what I'm making tomorrow! LOL!!! I've got berries that I need to use up before I restock for the next year! LOL!!!

The enchanted home said...

This picture is begging me to try them so I think I am going to have to oblige...OMG they look soooooo good!

manu said...

Beautiful bars, I love them!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

I love July just because of the blueberries. The crumb bars look delicious.

Allyson said...

These look DIVINE!! And in the summer, I always have all of these ingredients on a pint of blueberries that are just on the verge of going bad. Can you do the same with strawberries, I wonder?

Atta Girl Amy said...

I think I've made these before from Smitten Kitchen. They are delicious. And very similar to the tasty Savannah Squares Great Harvest makes.

And small world. Nice to meet another Greensboro blogger. Maybe we will have to meet IRL, too!

Atta Girl Amy