Monday, October 22, 2012



So look what caught my eye while shopping in Tampa, Florida.  Tampa, Florida?  Yes, for someone who has been more of a homebody than she would like, I have been on not one but two airplanes in the last few weeks.  Two weeks ago it was Nashville for a very happy niece’s wedding and now we are in Tampa so that my husband could have a laser surgery procedure on the ruptured disk in his back.  The surgery was earlier today and I am happy to report he is doing well.  In fact, he is sleeping and I actually have the time to write a blog post!  So here is my blog post using photos taken with my phone and nothing all that juicy to say.  But, I will proceed anyway. :)

As some of you know I am very partial to typewriter key artwork.  The store I spotted this treasure in was closed but there it was, a variation but similar to the Typewriter Keys Artwork that I have made.  BUT, this one was in the window of a very high end boutique in Hyde Park Village in downtown Tampa.  The store was closed but I am quite sure this was on the pricey side.  I loved this because it was 3-D.  The letters were on disks that were attached to the board and the the frame was raised.  Very Nice!  So yes, this definitely caught my eye.

2012-10-19_19-21-25_300(1)     2012-10-20_14-10-17_303(2)

Although, we are down here for a very serious reason, we have both tried to make the best of it and while I wouldn’t call it a vacation and the timing of it wasn’t great, we have enjoyed our time here.  Our hotel is right on Tampa Bay, the sunsets and sunrises are beautiful, palm trees are everywhere and I am always happy when I am near the water and our room let us look out at the bay and watch the fish jump, the pelicans and birds fish for their dinner, and we get to watch various boats pass right by the hotel. 

2012-10-18_14-08-12_430      2012-10-18_11-31-44_284(1)

The Buccaneers played on Sunday and beat the Saints.  Crazy town near the stadium the day of the game.  And many of the Saint’s fans who stayed at our hotel (We stayed at The Double Tree and have had a wonderful stay) had a long ride home after getting beat. 


One of the highlights of our week here…at least for me…I don’t think my husband would agree…was visiting a real Ballard Designs Store!!  I have only loved their catalog for forever!  I looked at every single object in that store.  Big happy content sigh.  :)  More about our trip later as, it’s still not over.  We go back for my husband’s post op appointment tomorrow and hope to get his walking papers so that we can fly home on Wednesday. 


And what medical getaway would be complete without a stop at the local supermarket to check out their cheese counter?   I’m a sick puppy aren’t I?

Looks to me like someone is need of some expert cheese merchandising.

Hey Publix, call me.


manu said...

Happy that your hubby is fine!!
Beautiful pics most of all the one with cheese :-)

Ti said...

So sorry your Hub had to have surgery but I sure hope he feels better soon.