Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Rag Quilt for the Guys

Evan's Quilt 1

Rag Quilting has been a fun activity for me and I finally finished the one that I have been sitting on for quite some time for my son.  The sunny colors and the cute fabrics you can find for making a baby quilt are addicting but it was time to make a quilt with more of a masculine flair and I finally got it finished.  I used a gray and black geometric pattern and then some solid gray and Black squares.  I turned out great and it is on it’s way to my son as we speak.  Thank you UPS!

Evan's Quilt 9    Evan's Quilt 10

I like to spread the tasks of making one of these out and work on it a little bit at a time.  Of course for me the most fun is selecting the fabrics to use.  And then I will usually take a couple of evenings to cut out the squares.  I like to use 8inch squares and I cut a light weight batting into 6 inch squares.

To see how I make my rag quilts you can check out this tutorial I wrote a while back explaining how to make one of your own!   Here is the link to my Colors of Provence Rag Quilt.  If this is your first time, start small and make a lap or baby sized quilt.  I have finally graduated to making the bigger quilts but I have to say the baby and lap quilts are my favorite to make.

Evan's Quilt 5

This quilt is not a full size bed quilt….more of a larger lap quilt size…perfect for napping and draping across the bottom of the bed kind of quilt.


Then after all the sewing and piecing together is finished it’s time for the snipping.  I can’t recommend the Fiscar’s Easy Action Rag Quilt Snip Scissors I found at Hobby Lobby enough for this task.  I think I paid around $18.00 for them and they were a great investment. 

Evan's Quilt 6

And Oakley kept me company the entire time I was working on this quilt.  She is has just as much time invested in it as I do!  : )

Rag Quilt February 007

Now…..back to working on something with a bit more color!!


Ti said...

I sort of love it. It's not full of color like I am used to, but I love the understated quality of black and white.

janice15 said...

Well I love it.. It looks fantastic.. you did a great job.. with love Janice

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

Thanks for the kind comments. And thanks to Stacy for letting me know that commenting on my blog is difficult.....I am getting word of my blog being linked to Romanian sites...(thanks Ti) and routing to advertisements. Makes me mad and sad! Because i haven't a clue on how to fix that!

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...
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The Sabbatical Chef said...

It's beautiful!! I love it!