Friday, January 23, 2015

She Art Class with Christy Tomlinson

She Art Girl

I am so enjoying experimenting with this Mixed Media thing!   I love being creative and have really taken to learning all I can about this fun way to express and create art.  Christy Tomlinson has an awesome blog and is so generous in teaching the rest of us how she creates the kind of art that she does.  There are oodles of videos available on Youtube that I have been watching in my pursuit of an education in creativity.  : )   

And she offers online workshops and this is the first time I’ve done an online workshop of any kind.  I was blown away!    I signed up for her She Art 2 class and was so happy with the video instruction and all the amazing content she offers with her class.  It was fun, I learned a ton, and the value was incredible.  Lot’s of workshops to pick from.  

So basically last Sunday I spent the majority of the day watching all the videos offered in the She Art 2 class.  And yesterday I got serious and created my first “piece”.  I love being able to use that word.  Ha!  And to be able to show it off somewhere.  I thought “Hey, you have a blog remember?!”  Post it there and share the fun.   The creative juices are flowing!    Happy Friday Everyone!

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