Sunday, December 6, 2015

Making Limoncello

Limoncello 069

It’s time to harvest the lemons.  And more importantly, it’s time to make the Limoncello!

Limoncello 009

The lemon peels are steeping as we speak!

And the lemony smell is the promise of very good things to come. 

Limoncello 016

I harvested 6 lemons off of my tree this year.

Last year I only got one lemon so I am increasing my yield.  : )


The recipe I used was from

Fabulous website with step by step easy and clear instructions on how to make your own Limoncello.

Look at how cute those chalkboard labels are.  I am on the hunt.

If you want to get a jumpstart on making your own for the holidays, check out The Kitchn’s website and recipe. 

My limoncello is steeping and I hope to bottle it up in the next couple of weeks for gift giving.  I’ll be back with an update for sure.

Can’t wait for the lemon sipping goodness!!

 Limoncello 076     Limoncello 016     Limoncello 009


Ti said...

My two fave things. Lemons and vodka! I need to make some.

Rasma Raisters said...

Sounds really good to me.