Sunday, September 23, 2012

Refinished French Night Stand

Painted Furniture 001

My  garage and driveway have turned into my painting workshop.  I found this wonderful French nightstand and refinished it.  It  turned out so nice  that I can’t seem to part with it.   I drove it down to Rustic Romance this afternoon and couldn’t bring myself to pull it out of the back of the car and put a price tag on it!  So I brought it home and it’s still sitting in the back of my Explorer. Maybe I’ll try again on Monday. I need help.  Serious help.

Do they offer therapy for something like this? :)

Painted Furniture 007

Anyway, my mini van days are behind me and although I wasn’t too crazy about my new Ford Explorer at first.  I have to say it has grown on me and I love it now.  It would be hard for me to part with it at this point.  I no longer haul around kids. Just furniture and the occasional dog.  And now it’s the perfect vehicle for hauling around and storing the furniture that I can’t seem to give up.  

Painted Furniture 009

I painted the nightstand with white chalk paint, distressed it with gray, and finished it with some wax. So French!

Elle est si jolie, n'est pas?

So, if you live in the Greensboro, NC area and you see this little gem up at Rustic Romance with a price tag on it, you’ll know that I sought out and found the proper help for my “I refinished it to sell, but now I can’t give it up”sickness. :)

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Ti said...

Looks really nice!! My daughter would love that.