Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Paris Foot Stool

Paris Footstool 013

My daughter Kelsey  and I are headed to Nashville this coming weekend for niece/cousin Katie’s wedding and we are so excited!  We’ve never been to Nashville before so we are going to make it a Girl’s Weekend. Any ideas out there on where we should go on Friday night?   The wedding is on Saturday.

My husband ruptured a disk in his back and he is unable to go with us.   It’s been hard seeing him so uncomfortable especially when it first happened but he is doing better now  and we are looking at surgery for him in the next few weeks.  More about that later.  In the meantime, my furniture painting craze has been a pleasant diversion  over the past few weeks.   I’ve been working on this little footstool over the past few weeks in bits and pieces.  Really, very little bits.  This one was so easy.

Paris Footstool 009

I found the footstool in a thrift shop quite a while ago.  It was pretty ugly and you’ll just have to believe me because yet again I forgot to take a before photo of it.  It’s made of wood and had an oak finish with a not too attractive pine green fabric on top.  I removed the top which was on hinges because the top of the footstool lifts open for storage and I  spray painted it black.  I also recovered the top with some Painter’s Cloth and secured it with my heavy duty staple gun.  I cut a stencil for the size “Paris” I needed and stenciled it on to the fabric with some black craft paint. 

Paris Footstool 003

Like the rest of my recent creations, this  one will stay here for a few days before I part with it and  then I’ll be sending  it over to Rustic Romance to sell. 

It takes me a few days before I can let go.  :)


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Great footstool, Lisa! I love the makeover. I've been looking for one myself to do. I saw one just like this at the local antique mart, but they were asking too much for something that I'd be making over. I'll keep looking though. I'm sure it is difficult for you to part with some of your projects. I know I feel the same way about the things I'm getting ready for that holiday market, but it helps that I don't have the room here.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the ruptured disk. Ouch. The footstool will sell quickly no doubt! It's way too cute not to.

Gail said...

Very sweet Lisa! Gotta love those thrift stores! Your poor hubby! I've been down that road and its not good. I hope he gets the surgery soon.

Triad said...

Love the footstool! ~Rachel