Friday, January 16, 2015

Turning A Photo Into A Watercolor Painting

Farmer's Market Final

Well this was just plain fun!  I have been dabbling with watercolors lately.  Found a basic set while out shopping for Christmas gifts and decided to pick it up for Santa to leave under the tree for me.  And now that it’s January and I’m pretty much trapped indoors for way much more time than I would like, I broke them them out and I’ve been having a lot of fun playing around with them.  Between working on some Mixed Media Collages, the watercolors have been keeping me entertained too.

So this morning as I was quietly sipping my coffee and digging through Pinterest when I came across a photo with a link to the blog Eclectically Vintage where Kelly had a blog post called How to Turn Any Photo Into a Watercolor. 


I am all over this idea like white on rice!! In her post she talks about a sketching app that is only available to users of an Apple phone.  But alas, I am user and  I might add, of the Android platform.  I sound really techy don’t I ?  : )  Anyway, light bulb!  I have an app on my phone called Pencil Sketch that I play around with all the time turning my regular phone photos into sketch drawings. 

Famer's Market Photo

One of my favorite place to go in the summertime is the Piedmont Farmer’s Market here in Greensboro.  I usually stop by there once a week when the weather is warm just to see what is in season and what I can find.  I often take my camera with me to take photos. So I dug into my gallery for a fun test photo to try this technique out on and pulled up this photo from one of my many visits to the Farmer’s Market last summer.


So the first thing I did was to take that photo, turn it into a pencil sketch drawing using the Pencil Sketch App on my phone and then I sent the sketch drawing to my email where I was able to then send the sketch image to my printer.    I removed all the regular paper from the printer and took a piece of water color paper and cut it to the same size as the regular printer paper and then carefully inserted it into my printer so that the image would print on the painting side of the watercolor paper. And….VOILA!! It worked.

Watercolors 8

Then it was just a mater of painting in the sketch image with my watercolor paints.

Famer's Market Photo          Watercolors3     WaterColors 2 - Copy

       Before                During               After    


Farmer's Market 1

Here is the sketch after painting with the water colors and then defining the signs with a pencil and writing the name Farmer’s Market on it.

Farmer's Market Final

Then I went back over the lettering with a ultrafine tip black Sharpie pen and defined the letters. 

And this is the final resulting masterpiece!  So much fun to do this and incredibly easy.  I’m sure I will be posting more of these! 

Happy Friday everyone!  Hope you have some fun things planned for this weekend.  I’ll be painting.  : )

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