Saturday, June 18, 2016

Amelie’s Uptown Charlotte


So one of the fun things about living in Greensboro, NC is being able to escape to Charlotte in under two hours.  Laughing.  : )  I Spent the weekend in the Queen City recently and finally got to checkout a place that’s been on my list.  It’s a French bakery and cafe located in Uptown Charlotte, called Amelie’s and it offers up some delicous food and drink. 


And ou la la!!  Such atmosphere!  The menus are suspended up high in those guilded frames.

Amelie's Menu Frame and Light Fixtures

And would you look at those light fixtures.  Loved all the details in this charming place.

Croissant Breakfast Sandwich from Amelies

And the place smells amazing.  Outstanding coffee and this  incredibly delicous breakfast sandwich.  Ham and Gruyere cheese with egg, and fresh spinach, on a warm freshly baked croissant.  omg!

Amelie's Pastry Bakery Kitchen     Amelie's Pastry Chefs

While enjoying our croissants and cafe we were seated across from this giant window allowing us to watch the pastry chef’s in action.  The window had a trompe de l'oeil red curtain painted on it to framing the window like a theater curtain.  We sat back and enjoyed the show.

          Amelies     Amelies Sign     Amelies Entrance

A charming entrance to welcome you in and the place is gigantic!  Amelie’s has three locations in the Charlotte area, a bakery in nearby Rock Hill, SC and a location in Atlanta, GA. 

Amelie's Decision Decisions

And then it was dessert decision time…….

Macarons in every flavor and color possible or a delicate French pastry like a Napoleon prehaps???

Amelie Bakery Macaronse

Eye candy.  Let’s just say a very large bakery box was on the seat next to me for the ride home.  : )


Suzy said...

Hi Lisa. I didn't know that you live in Greensboro - so do I! My blog is You're absolutely correct - it's great to be so close to Charlotte! I'll have to check out Amelie's the next time that I'm there. There are several bloggers that live here in town and we enjoy meeting up every now and then. I'd love to meet you, so let me know if you'd like to be included!

The Sabbatical Chef said...

Thanks- Merci!- I am planning a trip to Charlotte to visit my son and Amélie's is certainly on my list now! I love the painting of Louis XIV above the menus. I giggle every time I see that painting, knowing that he thought he had such fabulous legs and liked to show them off! Croissants and macarons. Can't go wrong there!

Lisa@PicklesandCheese said...

Thank you both for leaving comments! Suzy it would be great fun to meet some other Greensboro bloggers so yes please I'd love to be included the next time you all get together. And Theresa it's so nice to see your comment here too! I love that little tid bit of info about Louis XIV....did not know that about him! My daughter lives in Charlotte now and loves it there and i love to visit! Enjoy your trip! Amelie's is worth a stop. : )

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