Saturday, January 2, 2010

“It’s Complicated” The Movie

We went to see the movie “It’s Complicated” a few days ago…my husband and I, and we enjoyed it.  There were a lot of laughs, and I have to warn you there was a lot of middle age nakedness (strategically covered with sheets and other various objects) which made for some of the funnier scenes.  And there was a lot of drooling.  The drooling was done by me and it was NOT over the ever beefy Alec Baldwin!  No, I was drooling over the set designs. I wanted to cook in the Kitchen in Meryl Streep’s house, shop and eat in the Bakery/Restaurant that she owned, and pick vegetables in her garden.


Charming and quaint…


. Bright and cheerful…


I wanted to move in.


The whole feel of the house was warm, comfortable, and lived in.


In the movie Steve Martin plays the architect who is helping her design a new kitchen.  The whole movie I was thinking “WHY”?  Keep what you have!


 And then there was her Bakery/Restaurant.  What a great space this is. 


Coffee and pastry bar…


I want to shop here.


Mmmm….warm, chocolate croissants and coffee.


And then there was her vegetable garden.  I am sure it was “organic”.  My husband and I  just looked at each other during the movie and said “yeah, right.”  Let’s just say it did not resemble our little garden in any shape or form.  It was one of the most perfect and picturesque vegetable gardens I have ever seen.  Perfect cabbages and and towers tomatoes and ripe, red peppers.  But that is why we go to the movies…to enjoy the fantasy. 

If you want to see more great photos of the set used in the film, stop by Traditional Home Magazine’s website and have a look.  The rest of the house in the film was not too shabby either.  It had that Spanish Hacienda Ranch thing going on.  So California.  It was a cute movie…kind of light and fluffy but entertaining just the same.


Melanie said...

I have a thing for bakeries. When we go on vacation, I research online to see where the bakeries are. We took our son to Oregon last year and my husband told him to be prepared for all the stops at the bakeries:) (I also stop at grocery stores but not as many as bakeries) I so want to go to the one in the movie even though it isn't real. The whole thing is to die for. I am not a movie person but this one is one that I want to see.

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

I'm always looking beyond the actors at the scenery in movies and tv shows too. I love Courtney Cox's house on Cougar Town. I probably wouldn't watch the show if it wasn't for the set. LOL!

Wendy said...

We are going to see it tomorrow night! I can't wait I have heard so many good comments about the movie and the house!
Thanks for sharing the pictues! I agree; I would pack my bags and live there any day! What a dream kitchen :)

Stacey said...

We are going to see it tonight and I can't wait! Isn't it funny how women in movies often have bakeries, or book stores, or gardens...all the things we love. :)

Happy New Year!

Stacey said...

I forgot to say that your new blog look is amazing!

Karen at Nittany Inspirations said...

I saw the movie too and had the same thoughts you did. Why does she want a new kitchen. The garden is beyond perfect. The restaurant is like a Paneras.

Brenda @Cozy Little House said...

I don't often relish watching movies. But I would love to see this one. Meryl Streep is so divine an actress. And I have to say I like Mr. Baldwin as well! I just watched the Netflix Julie and Julia last week on DVD. It's my husband who likes the movies. I'm a stay-at-home sort.

Sedona @ MyDivineDelights said...

I have to agree, every detail is -completely drool-worthy! I'm so wishing for may of the details in the kitchen, bakery and the garden! A girl can dream....Happy 2010~

Stacey said...

Just got home from the movie. It was awesome. I laughed and laughed. I'd see it again!

RNSANE said...

I can't wait to see it but I'll have to wait for Netflix...retirement and my fixed income have crippled me!!!

Rachel H said...

Love that kitchen! Why in the world would she want to make it over? I need to go see the movie now!

Joyce said...

You have now sold me on seeing this movie. Funny how I also go to a movie and look at the homes/sets. I think my husband thinks I am a little nutty since I often remember a movie by what the home looked like:) Glad to read that I am not the only one doing this. Now the bakery is incredible and the garden is like a fantasy garden unless you are Martha Stewart:) Thanks for sharing this all with me. I really enjoy your blog.

susan said...

Can't wait to see it! Believe it or not I have a couple of friends in almost this situation--must be the age :) I love picking apart movie houses and watch some over just for the sets. Oh yes, I love that Oakley got carpet for Christmas. Our very old boykin spaniel has started slipping on our kitchen tile :( Don't know what to do. He wants to be in there with us. Thanks for the great pictures!