Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pentagon Memorial

We were able to get a small amount of site seeing in while on our trip to Washington DC.  We decided that we wanted to make a special effort to see the Pentagon Memorial especially since when we were there last time with our kids in 2003, repairs were almost finished to the outside of the building from when the terrorists flew the airplane into the building but no memorial had been established yet. 

Washington DC Trip 101

I did not expect to be so moved and touched by what I saw when visiting the Pentagon Memorial.

The Pentagon Memorial is a memorial park built on the grounds of the Pentagon in Washington DC to honor the memory of the 59 passengers on board Flight 77 and the 125 people in the Pentagon who lost their lives on September 11, 2001.

Washington DC Trip 105

Construction began on June 15, 2006 and the memorial was dedicated on September 11, 2008 by President George W. Bush.

Washington DC Trip 102  

We exited the Metro at the Pentagon and then followed the signs along the sidewalk directing us to the memorial.  The Pentagon Memorial is a two acre park that is located on the west side of the Pentagon building. 

Washington DC Trip 103

At the entrance area you will find this monument with the names of all the victims inscribed on it. 

Washington DC Trip 100

There are paths to follow as you move throughout the memorial.

Washington DC Trip 099

As you move into the memorial park you will find 254 benches that are cantilevered over a pool of water.  Each victim’s name is inscribed on a single bench.  The pool of water is lit at night and the park is in the flight path of Ronald Reagan International Airport and can be seen by the flights arriving and taking off.  

  Washington DC Trip 098

The illuminated benches are arranged by the victim’s ages spanning from the youngest, three-year-old Dana Falkenberg, who was a passenger on Flight 77, to the oldest, 71-year-old John D. Yamnicky. 

Washington DC Trip 097

The park has 85 Paperbark Maple Trees planted in it.

 Washington DC Trip 098

The cantilevered benches are arranged so that when a visitor looks at the name inscribed on the bench and lifts their eyes upward…if they see sky they can know that that victim died on board Flight 77 and if they see the  Pentagon when they lift their eyes, they can know that that victim died in the Pentagon building when the plane hit. 

Visiting this site was an amazing experience and visiting this site truly was one of the highlights of our trip.  I cannot recommend it enough.  Click here on Pentagon Memorial for more information on this unique and moving tribute to those who lost their lives on that horrific day.  God Bless America.


Rene said...

The day it happened, I was in my older son's school volunteering with art class when I learned of the attack. That night, I found out that a mother from my younger son's pre-school was is the plane headed to the pentagon. That day will always be with me.


Cindy said...

This is a fantastic post. I became teary looking at it. Thank you so much for sharing it w/ us. I haven't seen images of it before.

Snappy Di said...

What a great design to lift your eyes and look to either the sky or the Pentagon. I'll have to make a point of visiting the next time I am in the D.C. area.

Thanks for sharing these photos.


Ti said...

I've not seen this memorial in person but I'm taken by its striking design. I never knew about the positioning of the benches though (sky vs Pentagon). Takes my breath away.

foxy said...

Wow! That is really, really touching. What a beautiful memorial for them. I hadn't heard anything about this one, so i really appreciate you sharing the photos. I'll have to make a point to get out there and see it.

Jo said...

I'll never forget that morning. My husband had left earlier that morning on a submarine. Once they realized what had happened, all schedules were cleared and I had no idea where my husband was going or how long he would be gone. I was so scared and felt so alone. I did however have the benefit of knowing that he was alive and one day would return. One day I too hope to visit this memorial.


Melissa Miller said...

Lisa that is an amazing memorial site. I have never seen it before. Thank you for showing us.

I enjoyed your comment about Otis. He sounds like he was a cool and very pretty cat. Chestnut sits up like a buddah too. Ha!

Blessings, ~Melissa :)