Monday, September 6, 2010

Cupcake Cool


I have a new appreciation for cupcakes.  The Oreo Cupcakes that I made yesterday were a big success and were fun to make so I started poking around the internet for some other’s that I can make the next time I decide to make something new.  How beautiful are these ???  These are Lemon – Lemoncello Cupcakes.  Beautiful!


How cute are these?  Bake Sale  Pie Cupcakes from O Magazine.  I have to make these.  You can use either M&M’s or Jelly Belly Jelly Beans.


Mojito Cupcakes. Si, gracias! 

image      image

Mmm…fresh strawberries on these.  And the Pool Ball Cupcakes are great.


And these are Ice Cream Sundaes.  How creative are all of these?  So cute.  I would love to come up with something as cute and original as any of these but the truth is I am not an “originator”.  But I am a good “copier” and the best of “appreciators”!


Debby said...

Those ice cream cupcakes would be so cute for a child's bday party!! xo

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Oh, I think a Mojito would be the perfect ending to a beautiful holiday weekend:@)

Denise said...

Oh my, those all look delcious and FUN :) I just posted about some cupcakes I made this weekend too from the 'Hello Cupcake' book. Pop over and see them ;)

dogsmom said...

After this I also have a new appreciation for the versatility of cupcakes.
Thanks for sharing.

Paula said...

omgosh...those are little works of art! what fun Lisa!

Snappy Di said...

Oh! The lemon ones look wonderful! Must try them and I bookmarked the recipe.. THANKS!


foxy said...

Ooooooh, I'm not the biggest oreo fan, but you've certainly caught my eye with these! Love the lemoncello and the mojito... might have to make a batch (or two)!!

Ajay said...

Sometimes you just need a good cupcake to make life merry :-) I love them! They look delightful.

Hey, the old montreal cafe is one I sat at about 3 years ago. Weird - looking at it, thinking, hey I know that place! I love Old Montreal

Sue said...

Hi the look of those lemon ones..and your oreo ones in the last post looked delicious..Who knew that of all things cupcakes would turn into such a huge craze...I do love them more then eating a piece of cake..any time you can eat something with your hands it just seems like your not eating as much as when you use a fork...That's a good excuse for eating more then one!!