Friday, January 21, 2011

Blacksticks Blue Cheese

 Cheese Black Stick Blue 004

In my travels today I came across a new cheese.  It’s called Blacksticks Blue and it's a handmade cheese made by the Butler family in Lancashire, England.   Imagine how fun it was for me to find it today here in not so sunny Greensboro, NC!    It’s a relatively new cheese that was created in 2003 and since its creation it has won its fair share of awards.  It’s a soft blue cheese that has a beautiful amber color that is hand made in small batches.

Cheese Black Stick Blue 013

It melts in your mouth.  I enjoyed my first taste with a slice of pear.  Later in day I served it on a piece of Ciabatta bread that I sliced into bite size pieces with some thinly slice roast beef deli meat and Dijon mustard.  I would imagine that horseradish sauce would be even better.  I topped that with a thin piece of cucumber and some  crumbled Blacksticks Blue Cheese.  Delicious

Cheese Black Stick Blue 005 Cheese Black Stick Blue 001

And here is a tip about the best way to store your cheese.  Cheese needs to “breathe” so as soon as I get a piece of cheese that I have purchased home, I unwrap it from the cellophane wrap from the store and then I like to re-wrap it in parchment paper.  This way the cheese still gets a fair amount of air.  I then sometimes slip it into a zip-loc sandwich baggie but I don’t seal the bag because again you want some air to circulate around your cheese.  I am by no means an expert but this method works best for me and my cheese seems to taste better and last longer. 

Keep your eyes peeled for Blacksticks Blue.  It’s delicious!


Melanie said...

You always show me a new cheese that I need to try. Sounds yummy with the pears. Hope you are staying warm. MORE cold weather coming this weekend. I am SO over it.

Katherine Thomas said...

Great cooking is artistry at its finest! Wow!
Hey, didn't you blog about Malbec wines back in December? I was telling my sister and brother-in-law about what I had read, and they ended up buying me a bottle for Christmas. It was wonderful!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

We love blue cheese and this one looks like a winner. There is a great little cheese shop in historic Concord MA. I'll stop in after the storm and see if they sell it. Thanks for the tip on the new cheese.

Snappy Di said...

Do you know if it will be in regular grocery stores, or is it a specialty store item?


Sall's Country Life said...

Mmmm, that sounds wonderful and your combo with the bread and cucumber looks delightful, a must try if I could only get somewhere where they sell good cheese!! Wish me luck on this mission!

RNSANE said...

I just wish cheese did not have calories because I am so fond of all of it, even those very strong smelling types like Esrom and, of course, the triple creams like St. Andre.

Rene said...

Yummy. This looks like a nice little weekend treat. Stay warm.


Bringing Pretty Back said...

Isn't it the small things like discovering a new cheese just what make life fun. This looks delish!
Thank you for your comment on my show! I will admit Lisa, I am so very nervous.
Thank you for your encouragement!
Have a pretty day!

Verde Farm said...

Lisa, those little sandwiches just look wonderful. I want cute little sandwiches with great cheese at my house :(

e said...

JerusalemMarket has it