Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Winter Pumpkin Contest

  Pumpkin Contest 007

I win!  I am declaring the Winter Pumpkin Contest with my neighbor officially over.   And to be fair I have to admit that my neighbor  really never even knew she was a contestant.   It seems that neither one of us got around to getting rid of our pumpkins right after the Halloween Trick or Treat.  Actually, I try to keep mine until Thanksgiving .  But when Thanksgiving came and went they were still in perfect shape so I hated to throw them out so I just left them be.  I felt it was okay because when I looked over at my neighbors yard she still had hers sitting out too.   I figured is she could do it, so could I!  Then it got to be a joke.  Especially around Christmas time.  My pumpkins weathered the holidays just fine.

Pumpkin Contest 002

So today I declared myself the winner. When I looked over at my neighbor’s pumpkins this morning I noticed that they are flat as pancakes. 

Pumpkin Contest 009

Mine still have some roundness and girth to them.  A few wrinkles maybe  and they are looking a bit warty, and I am sure that if I tried to pick one up it would instantly liquefy,  but you can still tell they are pumpkins!    

Victory is so sweet.  :)


Anonymous said...

lol lol lol. This is a scene that looks familiar to me since in 2008 I also left punkins on my front porch for MONTHS. Poor things, they probably called the pumpkin abuse patrol on me!


The White Farmhouse said...

This is too funny! I still have tomatoes in my garden that I didn't get to. Can't wait til spring to get those out! I do think you are the winner since yours do still have substance to them. Congrats on your win!

ButterYum said...

LOL - my mother once left a pumpkin out for so long that it turned into a pumpkin plant. Anyway, be sure you wait until yours are frozen solid before you try to move then - when thawed, they're mushy and will fall apart when you touch them.

Have a good week!

Ti said...

I'm surprised that critters didn't get to them.

Think of it this way, you are relegating them back to the earth, where they began. Next fall you will have a ton of pumpkin vines if you don't clear those seeds out though.

Congrats on your win ;)

EliFla said...

It's so funny...ahahahah.....even the flat pumpkins pancakes..ahahahahah...... Congratulations to you.... xoxoxox Flavia

E. Charlotte said...

Congratulations! :D Ha ha! Those pumpkins sure have aged a little!

Chelsea said...

Hilarious! lol Congrats on winning the "contest"! :)


From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Too funny!! My pumpkins were eaten so quickly by the squirrels it would make your head spin. Congratulations.

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

How funny!!!!! I love this! And yeah you win!! Hands down!

Lou Cinda

Chow and Chatter said...

congrats he he

Jo said...

You are too funny ~ congrats on the big win! :)


CosmoGirl Carla said...

HeHe!!! I should go take a look at my pumpkins. They're on the other side of the house by the cold frame - an area I can't see unless I walk out there. I bet mine are as flat as pancakes too.

Do you suppose your neighbor even notice you still had your pumpkins out there too?