Saturday, March 24, 2012

Randomness in the Spring Time

Most shampoos sting when they drip into your eyes when you are taking a shower. But, Head and Shoulders has to be the worst on the pain scale.

I am late to the Mad Men party. I am currently watching the earlier seasons on Netflix and trying to catch up before season five starts on Sunday night . I am only on season 1, episode 8 so far. So much Mad Men-ness to look forward to.

I was doing well in the March Madness Basketball Pool at the beginning. But, I am now officially out as I picked Michigan State to go all the way. Not an easy pick for someone who lives in a NC Carolina Tarheel home. Now that Michigan State has been eliminated, I am totally cheering for UNC . Go Heels!

I might be getting the braces off of my teeth in 3 weeks. 3 weeks!!

Pinterest is actually changing some of their terms. It appears as though they actually listened to us users who were concerned with their terms agreement. I still have to read the new agreement but I am feeling better about keeping my account and feeding my pinning addiction.

Boston Ferns at Lowes’ are only $7.50 right now. And they are big, round a full. Such a deal. I bought three. Two for the front porch and one for the back deck.

I love my Kindle Fire. It is becoming my constant companion. I can check email, check the weather, google, peruse Pinterest, Facebook, play Free Cell, watch Mad Men and other movies on Netflix, listen to music, read blogs, and of course, shop for and read books. I have read more books this year than I have in a long time. And I finally found a cover for it that I love.

I am a bit of a Jane Austen freak and I finished watching the movie Lost In Austen on my Kindle Fire from the comfort of my bed. I watched a little bit each night over the course of a few days. Nice way to wind down. Loved that movie.

We have had the air conditioning on up stairs for the past week. I never thought we would ever turn the AC on in the month of March! I am not complaining though. I have loved the mild winter and early spring. I just hope the summer isn’t monster hot this year.

Enjoy the weekend!


Susan said...

In cajun country we've been using our AC all month long....bummer. Thanks for the tip on the fern, think I'll go pick a couple up today!

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

I'm an Austen freak too! I haven't heard of that movie! You can bet I'll be purchasing it to add to my collection!

It's been so hot in Massachusetts this past week, we almost put the a/c in our bedroom! Unheard of in March! Thankfully the weather is back to normal, it's in the high 50's low 60's today! I hope it not too hot either!

We're rooting for The Ohio University (don't know what happened last night) my hubby alma-mater!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

Braces off? woo hoo... then we want to see some smiling photos here on your blog. Mine don't come off until late June. The time has flown by though!!

I watched all of the Mad Men seasons on Netflix earlier this year. It was addicting.. Loved it. Now that the new season is on, well... we don't subscribe to that cable network so I'll be watching this new season sometime next year I suppose..:-(

sissie said...

I love Mad Men and just started watching it about two months ago. I love catching up on Sunday mornings.
It sure keeps you interested.

The weather is really crazy. It's unseasonably hot here on the coast but that's okay, I'll take it over winter any time.

Hope you are having a nice weekend.


Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Thanks for the Boston fern tip, might swing by Lowes! It's been really nice in Philly too and one should never wager against her home team:@)

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Thanks for the "randomness" on the ferns at Lowe's, Lisa. I'm wanting some this year for outside and I think I'm going to head there and get a couple for that price. I also never thought I'd have the AC on in March, but I caved this past week when it hit 80!

Ti said...

Yay on the braces!! My son was supposed to get his off but he has an unerupted molar that needs to be guided up, above the gum line with a series of chains and pulleys. Ugh.

Rebecca Subbiah said...

i did this with downton abby he he fun

400 Wakeups said...

I am going to pretend that you did not just say "I picked Michigan State to go all the way." *sigh* And I'm sorry for your own boys in blue. Although they played a fantastic game. I have to do my own Big Win Boogie though. You don't mind, right?

Also, Pinterest did change *some* of their terms...however, they have not changed that you are held liable for the pins that you pin and if someone thinks you have stolen their content, it is still you that they sue...not Pinterest. Pinterest is still out of the equation. I have a friend who emails, tweets, or FB's anyone whose content she wants to pin (not a re-pin but an original pin from a website) to see if it's OK. It's probably some extra work but I don't see her ever getting sued.