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Getaway to Primland in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia

We just got back from an amazing  getaway to a lodge/ resort called Primland and it has got to be one of the best kept travel getaway secrets around. It is nestled in a huge preserve of land in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Meadows of Dan, Virginia.  We arrived on a Friday afternoon and had wonderful time.  Arriving  a little bit early. and since check in wasn’t until 3:00pm, we decided to to start out our trip with lunch on the huge terrace that overlooks the 18th green of the golf course.   After weeks and weeks of 90 plus and 100 degree weather back home we were delighted by the cooler mountain temperature of 77 degrees.  Such a treat to sit out and have lunch outside this time of year without the heat and humidity.  


Primland is  only an hour and a half drive from Greensboro and once you arrive you can’t believe how beautiful and and secluded it is. The roads twist and curve as you wind your way up into the mountains and the views were spectacular.  Of course, you could always helicopter in to the resort if you don’t like driving mountain roads.  Helicopter transportation is just one of the many services Primland would be happy to arrange for you!    We came in to the property from the North entrance and if you are coming from the Greensboro, NC area, the route we took was 220 North to US 58 West which we caught near Martinsville.  Don’t rely on the Mapquest directions!!  They are VERY confusing!  We used an old fashioned paper map of Virginia  that an emergency stop at a gas station provided after the printed out  Mapquest directions and the Mapquest App on my husbands I-phone were contradicting each other.  So frustrating!  So, we went old school and bought ourselves a paper map and got ourselves there no problem.  In hindsight it was so easy.  220 North to 58 West.  Period!

100_4750     100_4754

The property is huge at over 12, 000 acres and it’s pristine.  There are two entrances to the property and we came in the North entrance.  After entering the gates, there was still a 6 mile drive in to the lodge.



     100_4761     100_4759

Once inside the lodge you get a sense of being in a very exclusive resort.  It’s very modern and rustic at the same time.  A huge wall of windows lets you view  parts of the golf course with the mountains in the background.  (Yep, that’s a bear sign.  We didn’t see any bears but I kept watching for them!)


There is a huge two story stone fireplace in the main reception room and from there you can see the two story wine cellar.   Of course I forgot to take a picture of the fireplace but I wasn’t going to miss that 2 story wine display!   There is also a world class spa at the resort but we will have to investigate that next time we visit because we ran out of time.  Although children are welcome I would say that this is really more of an adult resort although I think teenagers older than 16 so that they could participate in some of the activities like driving and ATV or shooting skeet,  would enjoy it too.  It’s a wonderful place for people who like the outdoors and outdoor activities.  It’s kind of a sport’s man’s hunting lodge.  Some of the activities available include fly fishing, golf,  clay and skeet shooting, bird and deer hunting.  Guides are available to help you do all those things.    And with the addition of the Spa, most of the ladies who visit who are not the “outdoorsy” type: are happy too.     The rooms are luxurious and pricey!  The food in the restaurants is delicious but again on the pricy side. 


Beautiful terraces with beautiful views .   Very relaxing.


This terrace and fire pit was off of the Spa on the lower level.  And the tee pee….probably for the kids who visit.


  And here is our fabulous room!  We stayed in one of the Fairway Cottages because all of the rooms in the lodge were booked.  Our cottage was called the Woodpecker East and it was luxurious!  From the outside the cottages have a rustic look and then once you get inside they are modern and gorgeous!


The bathroom was huge with two vanities, a glass shower and look at that tub overlooking the golf course with the lodge in the distance. 

100_4794     100_4789

Two thick and thirsty white robes and slippers were waiting for us.  Can you believe I never got  in that tub!  Next time.


Loved the King sized bed and look at those gorgeous floors.

100_4798     100_4800

Our side of the cottage had it’s own mini kitchen area with a refrigerator, a microwave, and sink with beautiful cabinets and a granite countertop.

100_4790     100_4834

This is the view from our window and each of the cottages comes with it’s own golf cart to make it easy to get back and forth between the lodge and the cottages. 

We only ate at one of the restaurants called the 19th Pub.  It was the more casual of the two restaurants in the lodge.  The food at their restaurant called Elements is more sophisticated and for dining in the evening, men are requested to wear jackets.  We were perfectly happy eating at the 19th Pub.   A third restaurant  the Stables Saloon is also on the property but not in the lodge.  Did not get a chance to check it out this visit but will definitely next time.



We were perfectly happy eating at the 19th Pub.   My dinner the night we visited was a delicious Chef salad with jumbo lump crab meat, Serrano Ham, and Boursin cheese on mixed greens with a balsamic vinaigrette.    My husband had the hanger steak with truffle butter and frites.  Both were delicious.  Then for dessert we each enjoyed a dish of ice cream that they make at the hotel. 

100_4846     100_4849

After dinner we retreated out to the terrace for an after dinner drink.  There was another gas fire pit (loved it because there was no smoke!) and they had a big tray with all the things needed to make your own S’mores. I actually have more fun making S’mores than I do eating them.

All in all, it was a fantastic getaway.  It’s a great place for couples, a girl’s getaway spa weekend, great golf, and the perfect place for an outdoor’s man. 

Want to learn more about Primland and what it has to offer?  Click here for a great article written in the Roanoke Times.  It gives a detailed account of the history and all amenities that can only be found at Primland.  Primland was created by a wealthy French man named Didier Primat who was the grandson of the founder of  Schlumbeger which is an oil services company .   He purchased the land and developed it over the years but sadly died in 2008 before the lodge and spa were finished.  His children saw that the lodge and spa and resort were completed after his death.  His fortune was estimated at over 3 billion dollars when he died.  Give the Roanoke Times article about Primland  a read.  It is full of fascinating details about the property and how it was developed.  Another great source of  information and some additional reviews and photos of Primland can be found at  Trip Advisor. 

Although our mini getaway was a short one, It was fun and memorable.  There are plenty of reasons for us to go back again.  I think a visit in the Fall would be a great time to go especially when the leaves are changing colors.  Primland is very close to the Blue Ridge Parkway which is a beautiful scenic drive.  After we checked out, we made a quick side trip to Chateau Morrisette which is a beautiful winery also in Meadows of Dan in Virginia.  It was about a half hour drive from Primland.  It would make a great side trip for anyone visiting the resort.  I’ll be posting on that visit in the next few days. 

So if you are looking for something new to do and want to experience unique luxury, consider a getaway visit to Primland.    I do not want to mislead anyone.  This is not a budget trip!  The accommodations are VERY nice and the food is somewhat expensive.   Also do not go thinking you will save money by eating off site.  There are no restaurants really anywhere nearby.    So, go visit knowing it’s a luxury getaway and enjoy yourselves!  I only just recently discovered it and will be making it my mission to spread the word!


Anonymous said...

We live in Roanoke, about 6 minutes from one of the entrances to the Blue Ridge Parkway and make a drive up there a few times a year. I've never been down to Meadows of Dan but need to do so as we have lived here for nearly 5 years now. Glad you enjoyed our state and some of it's natural beauty. That hotel looks AWESOME!!

Susan said...

That looks fabulous!! One q. though, what is a Hanger Steak?