Friday, September 21, 2012

Jumping Into the Painted Furniture Pool


Painted Furniture 045

I finally did it.  I see great pieces of furniture all the time in my travels and I always think to myself that I really need to give this Chalk Paint thing a try. 

Here is my first piece!

Painted Furniture 041

The first of two I should say.  I found a pair of chairs at a local thrift shop and loved the shape.  The color and the fabric on the seat…not so much.

They were bright red as you can see and I decided to tone them down and went with a white washed, aqua, shabby chic look and I am happy with how the first one turned out.

Painted Furniture 054   

The original plan was to paint them both the same.  The bright red paint on the chairs was bad.  It was gummy to the touch.  And I learned my first furniture painting lesson.


A couple of Saturday’s ago, I took one of my gummy red chairs and sprayed it with a furniture stripper.  I scrapped and I scrapped.  I scrapped some more.  Major pain.  And I wasn’t getting all of it off.

I sanded.  Still bumpy. 

Painted Furniture 055

Decided that the bumps were just going to have to add to it’s charm.

I got myself some white chalk paint and gave it a nice coat.  The bumpiness was starting to turn into “chippyness” .  And I like “chippyness”.

“Chippyness” is good.

Painted Furniture 035

Behold the “chippyness”.

Painted Furniture 018 - Copy

I then diluted some aqua paint in a small amount of water and brushed it on.

After that dried, I went back and dry brushed on some more white paint here and there.

Painted Furniture 041

A coat of furniture wax and some burlap for the seat and some stenciled numbers and voila!

Since I already know that I won’t be able to get the same look on the second chair because I refuse to go the furniture stripper route, I am thinking about how I am going to paint the second chair.

Still thinking.  In the meantime,  I have two options.  Take my finished chair down to Rustic Romance and sell it OR keep it and put it in my daughter’s bedroom. 

I have some decisions to make.  :)


Ti said...

On my computer screen, the aqua was not coming through but of course now that you said it was aqua, I see aqua. The power of suggestion.

I think black would be cool for the other chair and black and cream toile for the seat.

Susan said...

I do love it!! So pretty! I like chalk paint in small doses, like on your chair.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Very pretty, Lisa! Great project for your first foray into the pool. : ) I'd say keep this one and give it to your daughter and maybe sell the other one. I think if you clean it up and use the chalk paint it will come out just fine.

Heart Vintage Design said...

I love your chair! Why not just use a red chalk paint over the other one. The red and aqua do well together. Love your pillow too : )

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