Monday, September 17, 2012

Re-purposed Stone Coasters

Wine Coasters 009

Blogging  for as long as I have been, you would think that at this point I would have remembered to take a “BEFORE” picture of these coasters.  Take my work for it, they were ugly.  They had a snowman holiday scene on them and needed to be refreshed and repurposed!  I am VERY into my typewriter keys theme right now and thought why not make these coasters look like worn out typewriter keys.  I am pretty happy with how they turned out.  If you look closely you can still see an outline of one of the snowmen.  I am not sure if I could have sanded them down beforehand to eliminate that. Next time I will try that.  But, right now they have “texture” and I am fine with it.  Same technique was used that I helped me create my Typewriter Keys Wall Hanging.  I spray painted the coasters black.  Let them dry.  Stenciled on my letters, and then framed them with the rim of a smaller in diameter circle of paint.  They I sprayed them with a sealer.  Fun I think!

Wine Coasters 007

The only limitation on what words you can spell out is how many coasters you can find to re-purpose.  I was limited to four letters here.  Wish I was a better Scrabble player because “wine” was all I could come up with.  :)


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I think WINE was perfect to spell out, Lisa! Great makeover of old coasters. I may have to look at the ones I see at the thrift differently now!

Ti said...

The only thing...

I don't need a coaster for my wine because it's always in my hand. LOL.

Hahaha. I crack myself up.

Lovely work, as usual.

Donna Frasca said...

What an excellent idea! How come I never think of this stuff? Love it :-)

ketz said...

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