Saturday, December 15, 2012

Creating Little Bits of Christmas

Christmas Snowman Tray 008

I am creating little bits of Christmas where I can.   Can you believe that we still don’t have our tree up?!  Our daughter just finished here last exam yesterday and will be home later tonight.  She’ll help get us into the Christmas Spirit and we’ll get that tree up before the weekend is over! 

Christmas Snowman Tray 011

It’s not that I haven’t decorated for Christmas.  I have been creating little bits of Christmas around the house so it really does feel like the holidays.  There is just no tree.

Christmas Snowman Tray 014

This bright red tray is new this year and I have loved putting it together.  The tray is a bright and glossy cherry red.  The snowman and the trees were picked up from before Thanksgiving which is when you now have to shop for new décor these days before it all gets picked over by the first week in December.  I hate that!  And then I added some more Mason Jars with Epsom Salt snow and a white candles.

Christmas Snowman Tray 012

   And I made the “Noel” burlap banner from some pre-wired burlap ribbon that I found at Hobby Lobby and I stenciled it.

Burlap Banners

In fact, I made a whole bunch of banners that I took down to Rustic Romance.  They look fabulous in the Christmas trees down at the shop.  And I am sure they will look awesome here at home too…that is when we get our tree!


The enchanted home said...

I am impressed! Looks stunning..the mason jars filled with "snow" are so vintage-y looking. Love the burlap banners too...merry merry!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Love your bits of Christmas, Lisa! Those banners are great! Did you just use regular craft paint?

Ti said...

I think that tray looks fabulous. I can't believe your tree is not up though! LOL.

I love mason jars. They are all over my house and they make such neat ones now.

20 North Ora said...

Your tray is perfect for all of your goodies. Love that glittered snowman!


Karen Mary Butterfly said...

Your red tray looks so sweet with the snowman and, love, love the banners you made!