Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Collage Trio in the Laundry Room

I know, you thought I said the laundry room was done. But honestly, is anything ever really....... "done"? I worked on these three mini collages last night because I found some great papers for a mere 20 cents per sheet at Hobby Lobby today and couldn't wait to see what I was going to do with them.

I began by painting all of my canvases with regular acrylic craft paint in black. While they were drying I started playing around with the papers. I cut out my papers into squares and rectangles after setting them on top of the canvas and deciding which papers I wanted where and guessed at about how big I wanted them to be. After the papers were cut out, I arranged them to how I liked they way they looked together.

Now it was time to start decoupageing. I know a lot of you have had experience doing this. But for me, I just learned not to long ago so for those of you you do not know, this is what I did. Take your "Mod Podge" and paint on a coat of it directly onto your painted canvas where your first cut out piece of paper is going to be. (Do not start this step until your base coat is dry.) Then paint a layer of "Mod Podge" on the back of your cut out paper. Carefully place an edge of your paper on the canvas and start painting the "Mod Podge" on to the cut out paper slowly smoothing out air and bubbles as you completely attached the paper to your canvas. Then add your next piece in the same way till the whole piece is done. The "Mod Podge" dries clear. Make sure you completely seal each piece of paper. Then let them dry.

After your piece has dried, you can then decide if you want to add any embellishments like adding some other colors or maybe painting on some swirls or dots. I liked how "crisp" mine looked and decided not to add anything more But if I change my mind later, I can easily add whatever I want. So here is the finished product. I think I am going to keep them on the small wall space under the cabinet above the sink. Okay, now the Laundry Room is really, really done!

And Oh, I found the bulletin board at Hobby Lobby today at 50% off. I got it for $10.00! I also found the plate rack there at half off for $7.50 and that beautiful yellow plate came from TJ Maxx on clearance for only $1.00! I bought everyone one of those plates that I could find and I am still looking for more. Total: $18.50. Big Bargain!

(Special Thanks to Rhoda at Southern Hospitality Blog for her kind words and inspiration!)


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Lisa, I didn't realize you were using my laundryroom as inspiration for yours too. There are several of you in blogland using Grasscloth. How cute! Yours looks great too.

In fact, my sister copied my ideas too & just finished hers & I'm featuring it tomorrow, along with links to others that I know have used my ideas. I'll link your laundryroom too. Thanks for coming by & no my hubby's play tonight is not a surprise. He knows about it & is excited too.

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

Thanks Rhoda! Everytime I think I am done I see another thing I want to add or change. But overall, I am so happy with my new Laundry Room and I have you to thank for inspiring me! So many of your ideas from the color of the walls to adding molding to the cabinet doors, I would not have come up with on my own. And then to have your photos to guide us. Very much appreciated! I can't wait to see how your sister's room turned out! Thanks again and have fun at the theater tonight!

~Country Lady~ said...

Lisa that looks great. I love your laundry room. I have many of the same scrapbook papers as you used. I have some canvases...so, I have a project thanks to you.

I'm loving your blog. I'll visit again soon.

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

Thanks for stopping by and for the nice comments! Good luck with your project. I love those black and white papers. I am starting to collage a cardboard box with my leftovers. I think decoupage is addicting! Thanks for the visit and I am enjoying your blog as well!