Sunday, November 14, 2010

10 Things I Know I Am Never Going To Do And I Am Good With It

1. I am never going on a cruise.    When I saw the TV News clips of the US Navy dropping crates of Spam from helicopters to the dead in the water cruise ship earlier this week, my my jaw fell! I don’t do spam and I don’t do well with non-functioning toilets and bathroom odors.  I can’t even imagine the hell those poor people went through!

2. I am never going to be a teenage model.  (For all you Brady Bunch fans out there.) :)

3. I am never going to eat pate ( not the “pate” that rhymes with “skate”, I meant the pate that is pronounced “pat-tay” since I don’t know how to type French Accent marks.)  I don’t do liver in any shape, form or fashion.  Not even at a fancy restaurant in Paris.  NO.

4.  I am never going to find the diamond that fell out of my wedding ring.  

5.  I am never going to run the Boston Marathon or the New York City Marathon for that matter.  I once ran a 5 K race back when my husband and I were dating.  It was through the city streets of Detroit.  The highlight for me was the dead and flattened  rat we ran over in the middle of road.  That and the fact that I was physically ill and had to throw up when I was done from the physical exertion.    Yes, I did say a 5 K which I believe is one of the shortest distances you can run and is about 3 miles.  It nearly did me in. 

6.  I am never going to dance on or with a pole.

7.  I am never going to go camping again.

8.  I am never going to sing a national anthem solo at an athletic event.

9. I am never going to read War and Peace.

10.  I am never going to go sky diving.  I once had my chance but didn’t do it.  Regrets?  Nope. 

I know, I know,  never say never.  But really, like I said….I am good with it! :)

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Georgia said...

I likehis post. :). Could they not have dropped something other than spam. I would rather starve than eat spam. Xxxx

Kathy said...

Oh the poor people on that cruise ship -I could not even imagine -your list made me chuckle -all I could think is when you are 80 someone will talk you into skydiving :-) I work with the elderly and it amazes me of the older people that decide to sky dive just cause they never have -One lady broke both legs :-( but others do just fine . We live right next to where they jump( they have landed in neighbors yards) and see them every week-end -it apparently was written up as one of the safest schools in the US. and it is just a little town.

Kristen White said...

Looks like we have a few things in common :o) Like you I'm good knowing it is never gonna happen....and with no regrets!

Stacey said...

This post is hilarious! I did hear on the radio that they never actually were given was just media hype. Imagine being on that ship though.

1 Funky Woman said...

I think you have a great list. I have something quite similar and ditto no regrets. Never wanted to go on a cruise and more so now that I saw the news! War and Peace, um no! Marathon ha, really ok with that one.

Love this!


RNSANE said...

I'm laughing at your list. Some of the things I wouldn't do, either, but I would NEVER give up cruising. I've done 88 in my life, 78 in the last 16 years - those with Royal Caribbean, all over the world, including two transatlantic and Pacific crossings from Ensenada, Mexico to Hawaii. The indulgences, pampering from crew, many who are now friends - I spent ten days in India as the guest of a crew member and his family, the food, fun, are fabulous! I also LOVE pate.

I'm not running any races, though, not even to catch a bus...and I hate heights, though, believe it or not, I've been in a hot air balloon twice and even went parasailing once in Puerto Vallarta once ( fortified with tequila - wasn't that dumb??? ).

Rina ... also Chester or Daisysmum. said...

That was funny, just had to tell ya. Ps I am in australia so don't enter me in you give away. regards Rina

Jo said...

You are too funny! I'm so with you on this list. I'm sorry but I had to giggle at the 5k ~ this is exactly why I don't run :)


Patti @ Pandoras Box said...

I agree with all of your "nevers" except the cruise....You MUST go on a cruise....the chances it will happen again is probaly null....and it is the BEST way to travel. If I could, I would live on a cruise ship (if I didn't have to pay $1,000 week) I am going on my 4th cruise in Feb and I am trying to plan my stowaway...spam or no spam!

Melanie said...

I am the same way! I will never go on a cruise. I am not getting on a ship and getting sea sick. I hate to throw up:(

Won't eat liver either. Won't jump out of an airplane. Won't dance on a pole. Won't run a marathon.

Boy, I think we might have all the same answers:)

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Ok, this was hilarious. HILARIOUS.
I have to say, and you knew I would, that you are missing out on Paté. Liver is icky but paté... oh my gosh. I would eat it every day... not the country style with the peppercorn thingys in it but the whipped yummy... holy cow I am salivating. You make a slice of toast, get some cracked pepper, sea salt and figs all on the side, spread the paté on the toast... with a glass of Sauterne wine... heaven. Sheer heaven.
I think I will pass on the cruise thing though... I mean, what is the problem with a nice white sandy beach.
I am so sorry you lost your diamond. SO SORRY! I, actually found mine... three blocks away... on the side of the highway... a long story I probably should share on the blog. And a neighbor boy found my neighbors ring 25 years later...So, you just may find yours.
Call me Pollyanna... did SHE eat Paté???

Bonnie said...

you might find your diamond.... I have a friend who found hers at a waterpark in the water... and someone elses, she did mention, they prayed a lot!

Susan said...

Lisa, you have GOT to try a cruise! We did and it was fun! We're going again this winter....when it's cold and here we'll be soaking up the sun in the Caribbean. :)

Anonymous said...

There are about 5 or 6 things on your list that would also be found on my 'never going to do list'. I would however eat Spam if absolutely necessary.

Tee said...

You are so good at this kind of stuff! I'm with you on all counts except the cruising. We've been on maybe 10 or so and love it for the most part. Alaska was my favorite by far. It's probably not for everybody though.

Ti said...

Paté is actually pretty darn good.

PC instructions for accents:

é ALT + 130 É ALT + 144

Just Google it next time :)

Kitchen-Dreams said...

Don't give up on finding the diamond from your ring. My mom lost her diamond while gardening. About 15 years later she found it sparkling in her garden.