Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Art of Adele Enersen



Let me start off with my favorite one….The Book Worm!   My friend Karen back in Michigan sent me an email yesterday filled with these sweet photos.    They are taken by Adele Enersen who lives in Finland and she creates them with her sleeping baby daughter Mila, out of the things she finds in her home.  She writes a blog called Mila’s Daydreams and while her baby girl is napping she tries to imagine and capture her dreams.  image

There is not much else in this world….


that is cuter…..


than a……


sleeping baby.  :)


And the Princess and the Pea.  How cute is that?


  Adele has a book coming out in 2012 called When My Baby Dreams that will be filled with photos and the stories behind them.  She describes it as a book that she would be delighted to see read to children as bedtime and naptime stories to send them happily on to dreamland.  Very sweet. :)


Anonymous said...

I'm in love with bookworm. How ingenious of her to come up with that.

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It's a nice jacket.


Lynn said...

She really has an amazing imagination! The book will be wonderful-Happy Weekend:@)

Susan said...

Oh those are just precious!!

Jo said...

What a fun idea ~ love the bookworm and butterfly.

Just saw that you are reading Lunch in Paris. I read it last summer while on the beach ~ good read. I even tried a few of her recipes ~ very good!


From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

These are some of the sweetest photos I've seen in a long while. Love them!!

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Beautiful photos! I love the bookworm and the astronaut! Have a great weekend!

4thelove! said...

love this smart and creative! Makes me strive to think outside the box.... :)

Anonymous said...
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Flavia Galasso said...

It's incredible!!Thanks for sharing....hugs, Flavia

Verde Farm said...

I’ve seen her work somewhere but I can’t remember where. It is so awesome--how creative she is :)

Ally said...

I simply LOVE a mommy with an imagination! I am bookmarking the site and saving it for a future blog post because that is true talent that needs to be shared. And I think her daughter must sleep on the floor a lot. I lost my ability to sleep on the floor when I was about 12. But it makes for such amazing pictures! And to think, that is all stuff she has in her house.