Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pickles and Cheese


Finally!  A movie I am excited to see!  Midnight in ParisCan I find it in Greensboro?  Of course not.  Is it even playing in the state of North Carolina.  Don’t make me laugh!  Makes me sad really.


I thought this was a cute idea.    Reavealing the baby with a cupcake with blue icing inside.


I am a big fan of Sarah Richardson and was happy to find a post filled with rooms done by Sarah Richardson over at The Enchanted Home.  Pop by for a room tour.



I am still having some fun with my fingernails.  I found some silvery gray polish a lot like this one and I got more compliment over this past week.  I  actually found a blog  dedicated to nail polish.   It’s called e-polish blog.  It’s a great source for what new in the world of nail polish. 


I have to order myself one of these.  I love my Kitchen Aid Mixer and to think they make an attachment that I could really use!  I’ll pass on the sausage making attachment but THIS I can’t wait to get my hands on.  Click on the photo and you can check it out.

And for your entertainment….and mine as well, I found an E-Trade Baby commercial that somehow escaped me.

Wanna see my shocked face?


Lynn said...

The cupcake idea is adorable and I've always loved the e-trade commercials! It was the one I looked forward to the most during the Super Bowl:@)

Anonymous said...

I love Sarah's work. She spends a lot of money on those looks though... definitely not on the cheap when getting the job completed.


Anonymous said...

Oh, and that movie is not showing anywhere around these hick parts of Virginia either. LOL Figures.


The enchanted home said...

Thanks for the mention on my post! I came here and by chance saw glad you enjoyed the post! Love that video, a riot...ditto your nail polish, beautiful. Wanted to tell you I made the avocado salsa on Sunday and it was such a hit, several people asked for the recipe! I served it with avocado tortilla chips..have you had them? They are soooo good. Anyway thanks for the recipe, it was really good and so pretty on the table!

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Love the cupcake announcement! I'm a huge fan of Sarah Richardson, I'll be checking out that blog! Thanks for the info. How cute was that baby, and I like the nail polish! I may be looking for that one soon!

Have a wonderful weekend!