Friday, August 26, 2011

Mozzarella Cheesemaking Kit


Look what I brought home from work with me today!  It’s a Mozzarella Cheesemaking Kit made by a company called Roaring Brook Dairy.   You can make authentic mozzarella cheese at home in under an hour!  All the ingredients that  you need, except for the milk, are provided in the kit.  It comes with a dairy thermometer, cheese salt, rennet, citric acid and gloves.  And as far as the milk goes, you can use whole or 2% milk.  The fresher the better and pasteurized is fine but it cannot be Ultra-Pasteurized.  That’s it!

You can find a kit at Harris Teeter Supermarkets if you live in the South East part of the country and right now they are on sale for $9.99.  After the sale they will cost you $15.99.  Or you can go Roaring Brook Dairy’s website and order one from them through Amazon (for $18.50).

This would make such a fun gift for someone you know is a Foodie or loves cheese.  And how much fun would this be to make with your kids?  Great holiday gift and stocking stuffer. 

I’ll be back soon with an update and let you know how it goes.  I’ve got a nice piece of mozzarella that I brought home from the market yesterday sitting in the fridge that I have to use up first.  It’s going to be a tomato and mozzarella filled weekend for sure!

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From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

This makes such a neat gift. I can see me giving this as a gift with a pizza stone and specialty flour for the dough, some sauce and herbs. Hey, I think I just talked myself into ordering this cheese kit!!

Gone Country said...

What a neat idea! I don't know if I'd be able to give them as gifts.. cuz I love cheese!

I'll be curious to see how it turns out!

Tomatoes & mozzarella... yumm!

Unknown said...

Cool... now I have to find a HT in my area. Thanks for posting this.

Pam said...

What a great gift idea. Actually, I wouldn't mind having one for myself.

Karen said...

Lisa--we learned how to make this from unpasteurized (I think) milk, through the Preserving Traditions group that Mary Rodgers (Fox) puts on at Westacres. In that same session we made creme fraiche (sp?), butter and finally the mozzarella. it was all amazing and relatively easy.

Sam Hoffer / My Carolina Kitchen said...

Lisa, how fun to make your own cheese. Perhaps you'll have a throw-down with the store-bought cheese in your refrig. Sure wish we had a Harris Teeter near us. They are a wonderful store.