Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Cookbook Shelf in the Laundry Room

Laundry Room 001

Today is a re-visit to my laundry room.  It was completed a few years ago but it continues to be one of my most popular posts.  Since then my cookbook collection has grown, I have a new and improved camera, and it continues to be one of my most favorite rooms in the house.  I know!  The laundry room .  Really! 

Laundry Room 019

The main reason I like this room so much is my cookbook shelf.  When my husband and I updated the laundry room, we knew that the laminate builder grade cabinets would be expensive to replace.  So, we decided to dress them up a bit and we were delighted with the result and it cost very little money.  We invested less than $10.00 in a small miter box that came with it’s own saw and we cut narrow pieces of stock wood molding from Lowes’s, painted them white,  and framed out each of the cabinet door by gluing the molding to the laminate doors with Liquid Nails.  We replaced the door knobs too.

Laundry Room 015

My favorite part of this project was creating the cookbook shelves.  We took the center set of cabinet doors off and sawed off the vertical piece of wood in the center of the cabinet space that the doors rested on.  We filled in the holes where the hinges used to be with putty and quickly hand sanded them along with the spots where we removed the center bar and touched them up with white paint. 

Then we once again used the miter box and cut out a frame for the shelf area with a wide decorative molding that we painted black and attached the pieces with Liquid Nails.  (Get the one that dries clear in case any oozes out the sides and you miss it cleaning it off.)


This is not a new project but it is one that is one of my favorites because it was quick, easy, and very inexpensive to do.  I actually was inspired when I first started blogging by an amazing post I saw by Rhoda at Southern Hospitality.  She wrote a wonderful post on how she updated her laundry room and I was so inspired I contacted her to see if she could give me the name of the color of paint that she used.  She was so nice about it and told me it was called “Grasscloth”  by Behr from Home Depot. 

Laundry Room 006

I think the Before and After shots say it all.  The laundry room used to be the “catch all” room with soccer, lacrosse, and tennis schedules taped haphazardly to the fronts of the cabinets.  It was a depressing place to be and I usually kept the door closed.  Now, that door is wide open and I LOVE going in there.  Laundry is unavoidable, why not have a beautiful space to do it in?

And as for my cookbook shelf.  I couldn’t be happier.  I keep all my favorites in it.   How about you?  Any cookbook collectors out there?


Stacey said...

Your laundry room looks fantastic! Makes me want to paint mine a fun color. The molding you put around your cookbooks almost looks like a pretty picture frame. What a good idea! I like all the accessories in the room too.

Anonymous said...

My laundry room is definitely a catch all room thanks to my husband. It could be an adorable room, but I doubt that will ever happen. :(

Your laundry room is fabulous!!!

Marsha said...

I wish I could keep my laundry room tidy. It's the family entrance into our home and we unload all kinds of things in there. :(. I love cookbooks and used to collect them but stopped several years ago. I finally published my own cookbook a couple years ago. I was delighted as I had wanted to write one for ten years.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Your laundry room is so pretty and the cookbook shelf is a wonderful idea. My laundry is down cellar and not very pretty. I have a large selection of cookbooks that find a home all over the house.LOL!!

David Smith said...

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