Sunday, March 10, 2013

Springtime, Baby Chicks, and Chicken Coops


It’s definitely Springtime here in the South and I know this because daffodils are blooming, the trees are budding and Southern States Farm Supply at the main corner near our neighborhood has baby chicks for sale.  They are so cute!  I have fantasy about raising chickens.  It will stay that way, a fantasy, because the neighborhood association and their gigantic list of rules and covenants prevents us from owning livestock.  Sure wouldn’t want a lien slapped on my house just because I wanted some fresh eggs!  :(

     Galvanized tubs with wooden legs added...what a great container planting idea!

So on Saturday, because the weather was so nice, I decided that I wanted to start looking around for some galvanized tubs because that is how I think I am going to solve my problem of Bermuda grass invading my vegetable garden. I just won’t have a garden! Instead, I am going to try growing my tomatoes in containers this summer. I got the idea when I saw these galvanized tubs on Pinterest.  We went shopping in search of tubs and the first stop was Southern States Farm Supply. And there in a gigantic galvanized tub were dozens of baby chicks. Squeal! :)  So cute!


I’ve had this little dream for quite a while.  I even blogged about it once back when I saw a photo of what I thought was the worlds’ fanciest chicken coop.  It belongs to Heather Bullard and she has a beautiful blog.  Take a few minutes and take a look.  It would make almost anyone want to raise their own chickens!

My renewed interest in owning chickens began on Friday when I found out that a book I had been looking at while shopping at Anthropologie was available on Kindle from Amazon for only $3.99.  I decided to get it, read it one night, and will probably buy the regular book anyway because I saw so many recipes in it that I wanted to try.  But the book is more than just recipes, it’s a short memoir about how Janice Cole,  the author, ended up with three chickens of her own.  It’s full of recipes, cute stories and fun facts about chickens that I never knew.  Highly recommended.

So that is how our weekend started off.    And so while I didn’t bring home any baby chicks with me and I haven’t ordered a custom chicken coop quite yet,  I do hope to have some new garden tubs to show you very soon!

Is it showing signs of Spring where you live yet? 


Anonymous said...

Great idea on those tubs! Can't wait to see how your tub garden turns out. xox

Erin said...

This is also my dream.

Ti said...

I started thinking about chickens after reading Kinsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. You'll really have a feel for chicken raising after that one!

I love the tubs. I grew tomatoes in tubs like that one year and they turned out great.