Saturday, October 17, 2009

I am sorry but I think this is funny!

Okay, so I might have a twisted sense of humor BUT I think this is funny!! Come on. It made you smile just a little bit now didn’t it?

Happy Halloween!


ButterYum said...

Nope, not funny at all (snicker, snicker).


Lisa @ akawest said...

You mean there are people who don't think that is funny?
My daughter just emailed everyone in the family funny videos, and mentioned that one of us does not have a sense of humor. That would be me. I need to show her that yes, even I find the puking pumpkin to be a hoot.

Melanie said...

Oh man! Where did you find this? It was funny.

jenjen said...

That IS funny!


Tee said...

Giggle snort.

Anonymous said...

Very funny! Glad it isn't in MY front yard, though! :)

Kristens Creations said...

LOL!! This is so funny!! I love it!

I will be doing a tutorial on the ribbon wreaths soon...Kristen

EntertainingMom said...

because it IS funny!!