Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Outdoor Patio and Terrace at Bear Lodge

Okay, here are the last of the photo’s that I took a couple of weekends ago of the decorated fundraising house for the Muscular Dystrophy Association called Bear Lodge. This was actually my favorite part of the house! What I wouldn’t give to have an outdoor fireplace and patio just like this one! The Farm Mansion 032

This is the covered back porch area. The fireplace is two sided. No matter the weather you can still enjoy the outdoor fireplace. If it is raining, just play under the covered porch area. If it is perfect weather, shift to the other side and enjoy the terrace area.

The Farm Mansion 030

This is the screened in porch with the slate floor and the door leads you outside to the covered porch and to the outdoor terrace.

The Farm Mansion 032

The Farm Mansion 035

Here is the other side of the two sided fireplace. Both sides have stone mantles and a hearth.

The Farm Mansion 034

Here I am trying to show you the ceiling of the covered porch area. There were a set of fans hanging down to help keep things cool for the outside.

The Farm Mansion 033

Here I was trying to show you more of the ceiling and some of the beam work…150 year old beams and this interesting chandelier made out of lanterns and antlers.

The Farm Mansion 041

This view is where the outdoor covered porch and terrace can be accessed from the family room and the lower level master bedroom.

The Farm Mansion 036

Here we are on the patio/terrace.

The Farm Mansion 037

Nice patio table with umbrella and seating in front of the fireplace.

The Farm Mansion 039

Here is the walk way back to the screened in porch and a path that takes you around to the 4 car garage.

That is it. Hope you enjoyed the tour. That is the final Blog Installment of “Bear Lodge” and I hope it raises a large amount of $$$$ for MDA!


kkalika said...

This was the best part of the house. I would LOVE to have an outdoor space like that!

kkalika said...
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Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I love the flagstone and the landscaping. I could see myself sitting in that lovely area in front of the fireplace on a cool night, sipping a glass of wine or vermouth.

Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Tee said...

The fireplace is genius and that light is gorgEOUS. Thanks for taking the time to take all those photos.

Oh, and I love your decoupage box/candy corn set up. Cute!