Monday, October 12, 2009

I Went A Little Coaster Crazy

Coasters 053

One of my last projects from a couple of weeks ago was a set of two pictures for my wall made out of stenciled burlap. I had some burlap left over and after seeing some of the ideas posted at The DIY Show Off on what to do with Burlap, Hemp, and Jute……I decided to make some coasters similar to the Stenciled Coasters I saw made by Hirondelle Rustique . Mine are only a little bit different and so here is my “tutorial” on how to make my Stamped Coasters.

Coasters 037

Coasters 034

First thing I did was cut 5 X 5 inch squares out of the Burlap. To speed things up fold your Burlap over so that you are cutting them out 2 at a time. Cut out 3 of the sides and then cut down the fold line. I made a set of 6 so you will need 12 squares. (Also, FYI, Burlap is messy! It sheds fibers almost as bad as my dog sheds her hair. So be prepared for a bit of a mess….but so worth it!)

Augh!!! I know many of you did not want to see this but……sewing these little babies is not difficult! DO NOT BE AFRAID OF THE SEWING MACHINE! Four straight seems and you are done! Take two of your cut out 5 X 5 inch squares, place them on top of each other and sew them together on all 4 sides about 1/2 inch in.

Coasters 035

After you have your squares sewn together, it is time for the fun part…adding your design. You can stencil on a design, hand paint if you are really artistic or if you are like me… STAMP IT! I had some stamps on is the scroll design you see and I also thought I would try a Fleur de Lis.

Coasters 041

I used black acrylic craft paint and I carefully painted the black paint on to my stamp. I have heard that those little white wedge make up sponges are also good for adding paint to a stamp…..foam brushes work well too.

Coasters 044

After I completely covered my stamp with black craft paint I carefully eyed the center of my coaster and pressed the stamp down on the Burlap. I carefully added pressure to make sure the paint transferred. Then very carefully, peel off your stamp. (If you have any spots where the paint isn’t dark or covers as mush as you wish you can touch up with a very fine brush with more black paint.)

Coasters 048

Another fun part is “fringing” the coaster. Simply start pulling out threads along the edges to create a fringe. If you squares seem uneven after you fringe the edges you can take a pair of scissors and evenly trim the edges.

Coasters 037

And VOILA! Here are six of my coasters. I actually got a little carried away and made two sets of four. Will give a set away as a gift. And then I also made a sample with a Fleur de Lis on it which I also really liked. I am going to make a set of them next.

More Coasters 017

Lots to choose from. Not sure which ones I like best.

Coasters 055

And Here they are in action. Quick, cheap, and easy!! Love these!


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I see you are torturing me with another picture of your harlequin tray, Lisa! Love the coasters ~ especially the fleur de lis one. Thanks for showing how you did it. I think the paint would work better than a stamp pad, too.

~Country Lady~ said...

All these burlap ideas are great! I love this idea. The coaster set would make for a nice simple Christmas gift as well. Great stocking stuffers too. Thanks for sharing your tutorial.

Fifi Flowers said...

Those are GREAT! I'm running right over for a cup of cafe!

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

That's a great ideal. I use them all the time and finding ones that I like is so hard. I just may be coping this one...

Room to Inspire said...

I am lovin' your coaster craze. They look great. Thanks for all the photos and tutorial - my favorite is the fleur de lis. These would be a great gift.


Debilou~Mississippi Mama said...

Thanks for sharing this,, these would make great little happys at Christmas for my coworkers. So cute.

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Looks like a lot of us out here in blogland are having soooo much fun with "BURLAP"...I know I am. The coasters look purdy (pretty) hee hee! Hope you have a great week.


Anonymous said...

Lisa--are you on speed? LOL! You get SO much done and have such good ideas! It would take me a year to do what you've done in the past month. I am living vicariously!! Keep it up!

EntertainingMom said...

and they would make a fabulous hostess gift. love them!

Kristens Creations said...

What a neat idea for coasters! Thanks for checking out my craft desk redo! I appreciate your visit! Kristen

My Carolina Kitchen said...

Way cool coasters. You're very talented.

Cathy said...

I have that stamp! I could do this!!!

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

Those are great! I love the idea of coasters! I hadn't thought of that one...but now I'll have to make me some!!

Brenda@ **Dragonflys and Stars** said...

I think I just found one of the home made Christmas presents I might be making this year! Thanks!

One Shabby Old House said...

What a great project and gift idea.
Thanks for sharing and you did a great job of showing us how you made them.

msbits said...

This is a great unofficial tutorial! I am seeing coaster's in my future! :) so... chic!

Leanne said...

I'm going to add these to my "to do" list. Thanks for sharing. THey look great.

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

Those are amazing. i love everything about them - the fray, the burlap, the stamp! Yummy! I should make some of those! thanks for linking up at