Sunday, March 14, 2010

Painting Fools

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We spent the entire weekend painting.  And it was totally not planned.  The First Year College Student was on Spring break this week.  Her original plans were to go to Panama City in Florida.  Yes, I know about the insane level of debauchery that takes place there.  Her father and I were getting ready to be the wet blanket and give her the “Big Fat NO”  but then lucky for us we didn’t have to.  A FREE room became available to one of her friends for 3 days in Wilmington, NC.  “Free” is always good and so she went there for part of the week with four of her friends.  Not very warm but they didn’t care and squeezed in some beach days and some shopping in Myrtle Beach.

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She also is moving off campus for the next school year and just signed a 12 month lease for an apartment.  That means she’ll be living there and going to school this summer.   We sadly realize her days living her at home with us are numbered.  So we decided to make some changes.  Her brother, “The 10th Grade Son” has had the smallest bedroom in our house.  It seemed silly to keep him in there when his sister’s room was so much bigger.  So we spent the entire weekend moving him out of his room, painting, and cleaning the carpet, and painting the bathroom. 

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I can’t believe that I did not take a “Before” photo but I blame it on the pain my new braces are causing me.  I have not been thinking straight.  Pair that with all the paint fumes and I am a mess!! :) But really, I do regret not taking a “Before” photo because it was more work than we expected.  Back about 8 years ago, I thought it would be really great to paint our son’s bathroom a deep midnight blue.  And I thought how cool would his bedroom look with khaki walls and a deep burgundy stripe around the ceiling and then a smaller stripe below that in the deep midnight blue.  At the time, I thought it looked very Pottery Barn.  It required a gallon plus of “Kilz” to cover it and then two coats of paint.  But in the end it looks beautiful and it is a bright and cheerful yellow.  (The color we used was Benjamin Moore “light yellow”. )  We painted the bathroom the same color.  Both rooms look so much brighter and fresh and clean.  We still need to change out some of the bedding and come up with a window treatment but it is almost there.

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Today, we finished the bedroom and bath and then we moved into the room “The First Year College Student” vacated and we put up the painter’s tape, put a coat of Kilz on the walls (to cover the lilac purple) and shampooed the carpet.  We are tired people!

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I will try to do better with the “Before” and “After” photos as we progress on the bedroom changes and painting that we have planned for the next few weeks….months…and years.  :)

Now I have to decide what color to paint “The 10th Grade Son’s” new room.  If you have any suggestions on colors I would love to hear them. 

Also, Thanks for all the kind comments and words of encouragement you have left me about my braces.  I have been questioning my sanity on the day I decided to do this.  Your encouragement means more than you know!!


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Wow! That's a lot to do unplanned! I painted an armoire on Saturday and that was a planned project and it took me most of the day! I'll bet your son is thrilled to move into the bigger room.

Karen said...

Spring kind of does that to ya', doesn't it? Makes you want to start projects. :) I'm already thinking mine up. :) LOL!

Rambling Girl said...

Awhh I remember those days when the daughter left home and the son took over the old room that she left...funny thing he took both rooms...he was the only one home and now his day is slowly leaving the more year.

Gosh I dread this.

Hope your feeling better after the braces...

Charlotte's Color Specialist said...

It's that time of year. I just finished painting my office. I don't want to look at a paint brush for a while. Btw, the room looks great!

Melanie said...

The color is nice and fresh. I like it.