Saturday, May 15, 2010

Can’t I Please Just Put Some Numbers On It???

Our daughter is home from her first year in college.  Her “stuff” is everywhere!  But, it’s nice to have her home even though it is only temporary until the apartment she and her friends are moving into becomes available on June 1st.  Then she is going back to take a summer session class and to work at her part time job.  She is going to need some new furniture like a bed and I am happy to say that I am almost finished with re-painting the desk I dragged home with me from Goodwill a few weeks ago.  I had big colorful and creative plans for that desk.  I wanted to try my hand at painting it a bold color like “aqua” and then maybe trying my hand and “antiquing” it with a glaze of some sort.  That’s not going to happen. “:(  The “Just Finished Her First Year of College College Student” wants a white desk.  WHITE with no bells or whistles.  “You know I could paint it black and put some numbers on it…would you like that”?  No…just white.  So…..I am complying with her wishes and white it is. 

Goodwill Desk and Pillows 002 Goodwill Desk and Pillows 007

As you may recall, a couple of weeks ago I cleaned it up and gave it a coat of primer.  Yesterday I gave it a coat of white paint.  It’s rather boring but it’s clean and pretty now and my daughter is happy with it.  We ordered a piece of beveled glass for the desk top which was my daughter’s idea.  She wants to be able to put a bunch of her snap shot photos underneath the glass. I thought that was a great idea and the cost of the glass for anyone who is interested the piece of glass was $35.00 for a 40 x 17 inches pieces with a beveled edge.  The plan for today is to pop by the Home Depot to get some new hardware for the drawer fronts, get some fine sandpaper, and to buy some paste wax to use as a sealer.

I found this wonderful tutorial on how to paint wood furniture off of a beautiful blog called My Romantic Home by Cindy.  If you think you might want to try and paint your own piece of furniture,  this is one of the best tutorials on how to do it that I have come across.   Today, I learned that she likes to use a latex indoor paint like I used but that she likes to let it “cure” for a about a week.  She also, lightly sands her pieces with a very fine sandpaper after the paint has cured for about a week so I have added that to my Home Depot list for today.   And Cindy doesn’t use a polyurethane sealer but instead rubs her pieces with paste wax to get a professional finish.  I am going to give this a try!    Here is the link for the How To Paint Wood Furniture tutorial.


Goodwill night stand 007

Now look at the latest “find” I dragged home from the Goodwill this week!  It’s a filthy dirty end table/night stand.  But as “they” like to say it has good bones and HUGE potential.  It was manufactured by Henredon, very solid, and it only cost me $10.00.  It too will probably be making it’s way to my daughters apartment.  It will either end up in her room as her night stand but since I haven’t seen her new bedroom yet I am not sure if it will fit.  But I am confident we will find a home for it somewhere. 

Stay tuned!  I don’t mean to string you along but this is a slow process!  I hope to have finished desk photos for you later in the week.  And I am sad to say, don’t count on seeing any numbers on this one. :)


Melanie said...

I know that you are dying to paint it black and put numbers on it:)

The piece that you got at GW this week is really great. Can't wait to see both pieces when you are done.

Snappy Di said...

Love the little night stand... you are right, tons of potential! Too bad they didn't have two of them... what a cute pair they would have been all re-painted and next to a bed.

Have fun!
The BLue Ridge Gal

The White Farmhouse said...

Don't you hate it when they get old enough to get their own opinion? Maybe you could make her a little artwork to sit on it with numbers? Cute little nightstand!

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

I feel your came home yesterday with all that stuff! I was lucky this year...her big furniture pieces are being stored at her boyfriends condo for the summer and he helped to move her out of the dorm...that was was the first time in the past six years that I didn't move one of my girls home from college for summer:) I was hoping all this STUFF was staying at the condo...but it didn't:( I'm am glad that she is home until the first week of august. Hope you have a FUN time with yours:)


annechovie said...

You are so resourceful! Those pieces are going to look great.
Thanks so much for your kind and supportive comment. Have a wonderful wknd. xo

Norma Lee @ Norma Lee Good said...

Oh you shouldn't have asked what she shoulda just painted it and numbered it before she had time to think! :)

The GW find has good bones. Tell me you did not ask her what she wanted. This will be the piece you get to have fun with.

The Cottage Cheese said...

Ooh - just saw your gorgeous geraniums on your sidebar! The geranium post I did was a fun post for me, and I loved reading everyone's comments about their affection for them :)

Digging the pics of the furniture makeovers. That piece you picked up for $10 has so much potential - can't wait to see it post makeover!

Aleigh @ Goodwill said...

Great finds! Can't wait to see them both all finished.