Sunday, July 25, 2010


Pillow and Art Work for E 038 

As I said yesterday, decorating a teenage boy’s room is not easy!  It is still not done but I have to say steady progress is being made.  Although I have to admit, very slowly

Pillow and Artwork for E 024    

With the 98 degree temperatures, yesterday and today were spent indoors in the AC.  So while I was feeling a bit trapped in my house, I decided to to spend some of the time painting a canvas for my son’s wall.  Yesterday I posted a photo of the inspiration pillow I was going to use and explained how an empty black canvas was already hanging on his wall just waiting for someone to paint something on it.  The only problem was that he was still sleeping and probably would be for many more hours (you know teenage boys like to sleep) and I wanted to get to work!   I was brave and I quietly crept into his room and picked the empty black canvas off of his wall.  He did wake up for a few seconds…long enough to give me the Evil Eye… but not interested enough to ask me what I was doing and then drifted off again.  :)

This was a very easy project to do.  I used a canvas that was painted with some black craft paint.  I then took a yard stick and a pencil and I marked on the canvas where I wanted the vertical lines and circles to be.  I did one column at a time because I wanted to vary the sizes of my circles and I didn’t want it to look crowded. This way I could visually see where the next column should go after I had the first one drawn.   I also measured from the side edges for each vertical line and made a tic mark at the top and bottom of the canvas and then lined my yard stick up to both tic marks to that I was sure to get a straight line.

Pillow and Artwork for E 003   Pillow and Artwork for E 012

I used drinking glasses to get the assorted circles that I needed and outlined either the top or bottom of the glass for perfect circles.  For the smallest circles, I traced around my craft paint bottles. 

Pillow and Artwork for E 018

Then all I had to do was fill in the circles with paint.  I did two coats for all the circles except the green circles which needed an extra 3rd coat of paint.

 Pillow and Art Work for E 004

For the lines that thread through all of the circles I used a gray colored glaze paint that I had left over from another project.  It has a metallic and almost shimmery look to it. In the first few photos I only had a single gray thread running through the circles but when you look closely at the pillows they had two threads…so I added a 2nd thread.  It made a big difference I think and looks more like the pillows.

   Pillow and Art Work for E 026 

In this shot I am trying to show the “pebble” like texture that his quilt has in it. 

 Pillow and Art Work for E 036

And here it is finally hanging on the wall. 

Pillow and Art Work for E 017

My son says he likes it.  I think that’s code for he’s glad it’s done and I won’t be tip toeing into his room in the early morning to take empty canvas’ to be painted off of his walls. :)

Pillow and Art Work for E 038 

I still have some more work to do in here but at least the basics are taken care of.  And I am still considering re-painting it a darker color of gray but for right now it’s good. 

Pillow and Art Work for E 035

Is decorating a room ever really done?  :)


Anonymous said...

I have been decorating my two guest bedrooms for going on 3 years, so NO... decorating is never really done.

Your decorating job is coming together quite nicely... looks good!


Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

I love that painting you did. Ever think of hanging it horizontally over the bed?

Denise said...

I love the pillows you got, and now the painting, wow, it's all looking pretty cool together:)

Paula said...

Very cool Lisa! I think the answer is's never done, at least not for me!

The White Farmhouse said...

Awesome job! I have an idea for some subway art for my son's room. I still have to get it done though. You did a great job!

Chelsea@ThisFreshFossil said...

Fab job! It looks just like the pillows, but with a black background instead of white. I like it! I agree with another commenter, too, that it might also look good over the bed? Awesome job, though!


CosmoGirl Carla said...

Oooo . . . love it! I may be copying this idea - if you don't mind ;o)

And, a big NO! I'm not sure a room is ever really totally done.

You did a fabulous job. Thanks for the inspiration.

Melanie said...

Sometimes I think that a room is done and sometimes I don't.

You are a painting machine. I see some yummy veggies on the counter:)

Love the evil eye. Caden can sleep through anything.

Green Willow Pond said...

Your son's room looks great! I almost bought that same quilt, in fact I had it in the cart, but then I found one that was more my son's taste. I like how you jazzed it up with the circle accents!