Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pumpkin Time

Ronald Macdonald house 090 

I was back out at the Triad Farmer’s Market and this is what I saw.  Put me right in the mood. The mood for Fall. 

Ronald Macdonald house 089  

A beautiful day.  And I picked out two pumpkins. 

When I came home I couldn’t help but pull out some more decorations. 

The wreath is on the door and the candy corn is on the table in the foyer.

 Halloween decor 2010 012   Halloween decor 2010 016

Halloween decor 2010 013   Halloween decor 2010 005

I even put out fresh candy. I have to confess that sometimes I have been known to save last year’s candy corn and put it back out early in the Fall of the next year. If I didn’t do that my kids would devour it all within the first few days.  So I started putting out the old candy corn and it worked like a charm.  The kid’s would taste it and think it wasn’t all that good and so my corn would last a long time.  Then right before Halloween I would swap it out with a fresh bag.  Well, the kids are older now and hardly ever at home.  So I think it’s safe to put out the new stuff early in the season.  I am living large this year with a fresh bag in September!!


Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

I don't know what it is, but I'm lovin' pumpkins this year! Looks like you had a nice day:@)

Rachel H said...

That is hilarious about putting out the old candy corn! SO smart!

Rachel H said...

That is hilarious about putting out the old candy corn! SO smart!

Melanie said...

Okay, that is a great idea! I don't eat candy corn so you would be safe with me there:)

peggy said...

Just happened to find your blog. I love the veggie pictures and the Farmers Market, NEVER heard of Cowboy Candy but will try it!! Nice posts. Hello from Michigan.

Katherine Thomas said...

These photos are wonderful! They remind me of another blogger friend who takes great photos. You might enjoy her blog too.

Carla said...

Boy, wish I could stage my backyard to look like the market - with all the hay bales and pumpkins. I can see why you got in the mood for fall decor.

Lisa, that is INGENIOUS about the candy! I am so remembering to do that. I wonder if it will work with M&M's too . . . ????

Jane said...

Beautiful picture of all of the pumpkins! It can't help but put you in the mood. I loved the one someone drew a face on.
Cute story about the candy large my large!!

Denise said...

Lovely :) I'll have to start looking around here for some, we used to have tons in MD, but in TX they all seem such a drive too far for us.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Love the pumpkins, Lisa! My daughter wants us to go pumpkin picking with my granddaughter {she's 9 weeks old}! The problem with the candy corn is that I am the one in our house that eats it. I went crazy when I found out Tuesday Morning carried a Valentine's Day variety ~ I ate that, too! :)

Ti said...

The old candy idea would not work in my house. My daughter would still eat it. She has such a sweet tooth.