Monday, October 11, 2010

Goodwill Lamp

    Wine Crate Oct. 10 016

As I said earlier in the week, I have been having an extremely dry spell at the Goodwill!  I did find a wood crate last week that I posted about and added some number stencils to and I also brought home  this mini lamp that I was able to perk up.

    Burlap Wine Bag and mini lamp 001   Burlap Wine Bag and mini lamp 005

It was nice and sturdy and just the right size.  It was a bronze color but in very good shape for $3.00.

Burlap Wine Bag and mini lamp 009

I spray painted it black.  I like this Rust-oleum American Accents black spray paint the best.  I seem to only be able to find it at Hobby Lobby.


Wine Crate Oct. 10 010

After a couple of coats of paint, and a new shade from Target for $9.99, I have a new small table lamp.  I really been in the reading mood lately so I place the new lamp right next to my favorite reading chair.  (It’s also my “watching a lot of college football on Saturdays” chair”.  :)

And if you didn’t catch it yesterday, I announced the winner of my Giveaway for the Monogrammed Lap Top Bag from Simply-Bags.  The winner was Sissie from Sissie’s Shabby Cottage.  Congratulations to Sissie and Thanks to all who entered!


Jane said...

Fabulous redo on the lamp but I am in love with that side table!! Nobody does number stenciling better than you!

ButterYum said...

Excellent, and you choice of lampshade compliments the lamp perfectly.


Melissa Miller said...

Lisa this looks fantastic! :)

Paula said...

That's one good looking lamp Lisa! (now anyways!) You are so lucky to get those gorgeous tomatoes I saw in an earlier post down late tomatoes never got past green!

sissie said...

I really like how your lamp turned out. That's my favorite black paint too!
I also love your number table. Looks great with the lamp.


Anonymous said...

I actually like your Goodwill picks, how you repurpose those picks, and how you decorate - by and large. But, and I'll try to say this kindly, I don't understand the stenciling numbers and letters on every available surface. Since I really do like a great many of your ideas, and would probably feel quite at home in your home, I'll do my best to try and overcome my 'Meh' reaction to all the stenciling. . . if you'll try to overcome your 'zeal' for stenciling. ; )

Melanie said...

We girls know how to use the spray paint, don't we:) I like your little number table. :)

Denise said...

Love it :-) I have been giving GW a miss lately, trying not to spend on things I don't need!

Chelsea said...

That looks so great! Much better :) And I still love all your stencils!

Rambling Girl said...

I love seeing what all you create! You share so many great projects...thanks for always doing this!