Saturday, October 9, 2010

October Football and Tomatoes

Tomatoes in October! 2010 010 


Tomatoes in October?!  Why it’s unheard of!!!

I just picked these beauties out of my pitiful and “deer chewed to the nub in July garden”, and I can’t believe it!  What a comeback!  A whole basket of beautiful red, ripe, tomatoes.  And there are still lots of green ones on the way.   I don’t ever remember picking tomatoes this late in the year.   For the coming winter, I just might be forced to can some salsa!   

NC Flag 001

It’s a gorgeous October Saturday and there are several games on TV that we will be watching today.  Michigan vs Michigan State and The University of NC vs Clemson, Alabama at South Carolina,  and my Alma Mater Central Michigan University at Virginia Tech. 

TIC…..TIC….TIC….the clock is running out on my Giveaway.  You have until  tonight, Saturday, October, 9, 2010 at midnight to get your entry in.  Winner to be announced on Sunday, October  10th.  Click here to enter and win a:    Monogrammed Laptop Bag by Simply-Bags.Com.   Bon Chance and Good Luck!!


Jo said...

Wow ~ my garden is done for the season. The cold snap took care of my last ones still on the vine.

Scoot over, I'll join you for the MSU {and that other team} game :) This is a tense time for our family since we are a tad divided. I'm flying my green in white here in CT.

Have a great weekend ~

Melanie said...

I can not believe those tomatoes! I love a good tomato sandwich with mayo. Do you eat those?

I want to live in NC! I wish there was a RR job there but it is not to be.

I will be joining in on the football watching:) Go FSU!

Happy Saturday!