Thursday, March 31, 2011

More Randomness

I watched the movie “The Last Time I saw Paris” with Elizabeth Taylor and Van Johnson on Netflix the other day.   Not a great movie but at least it was in color and  Elizabeth Taylor’s beauty is stunning. 

It’s amazing how happy a batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies  makes my husband and son.

I honestly don’t remember what movie I saw the last time I was in a theater.  I would be willing to bet it was over a year ago.  I much prefer to watch in the comfort of my own home.

Tomorrow I have to chauffeur 4 pieces of Parmesan Reggiano to four different stores.  That is almost $2000 worth of cheese riding shot gun with me in my minivan.  :)

I am looking forward to The Borgia’s which is debuting on Sunday night on Showtime.   I hope it’s as good and as absorbing as The Tudors was.

I started doing some of the guided meditations that I found on ITunes for free and downloaded to my Nano.  Soooo relaxing. 

We need a new grill.  The one we had which is only about 4 year old has rusted and crumbled.    Left the cover off of it one too many times in the rain. 

Is it Duck Tape or Duct Tape????

The birds in our yard are starting to build their nests by pulling stuffing out of the tops of the cushions  of the furniture on our deck.  They are making the little frays and tears bigger!   I don’t think Duck/Duct Tape is going to enhance their appearance.  I think it’s time to get a new set.    Home Depot here we come.

I like my Margaritas on the rocks with salt instead of frozen.

And another thing about Rachel Ray.  Why does she have to come up such cutsie words for things like “EVOO”, “Yum-o” ???  She’s a grown woman!  I think I get the most crazy when I hear her say “Sammies”. 

My dog has bad breath. 


Anonymous said...

My dog needs a bath. He's been out in the rain and smells like wet chicken feathers.. ugh.


Flavia Galasso said...

:D you make me smile...tahnks a lot!!! Flavia

Carol at Serendipity said...


Smiling at the end of a hectic day is a good thing. Sammies puts me right under....


Ti said...

There is a product called Duck Tape. It's blue and sold at Walmart so either one is right.

Margaritas on the rocks with salt is the only way I will drink them.

Rachel Ray reminds me of that ugly, okay (not so attractive)actress in European Vacation. I think her name is Dana Hill.

Lynn said...

My only question... will the windows be up or down while toting cheese around town tomorrow:@)

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

Ha!! The windows will be down if it's a warm sunny day and I might even open the sunroof!

Splendid Market said...

I wish we could sit and talk about these these things further -- all in my scope, over lightly salted margaritas on the rocks.

I think it is duct tape (originally used to seal up heating ducts??)

Yes, the cutesy phrases (and not to mention some of the product choices) make RR too irritating to watch.

Stop by Splendid Market for some fun ideas on April Fools Day pranks!! Have a good weekend!

Melanie said...

OK, that was so funny! I love the random post. I am with you about Rachel Ray. I don't watch the show and I am not a fan so your last few lines really made me laugh.