Monday, March 28, 2011

Painting the Bead Board


Kitchen Bead Board 036

Don’t you just love a weekend when you get a lot of things that have been sitting on your list finally done?  The weather here was not all that nice.  Kind of gloomy, cold, and rainy. But even still we were able to mulch two areas with pine needles… pine needles are very big down here in the South. We changed out the smoke detector batteries, light bulbs, cleaned the inside to the glass cover of the fireplace, watched mega amounts of March Madness Basketball (sorry Tarheels…it was a nice run while it lasted), and painted the bead board under the kitchen counter…Black. Yes, black!

Kitchen Bead Board 001     Kitchen Bead Board 017

When we moved in to this house about 10 years ago, we had the builder put bead board on the underside of the counter because I knew with kids it would take a beating there from their feet as they sat at the counter.  I was right.  It took a beating.  We painted it the same color as the wall and it was fine for many years but it was starting to really show wear and tear and starting to look grubby.  One weekend not too long ago my husband and I were out looking at some newly built homes in the area…peeking in the windows really…and I saw a counter area setup similar to what we had and it was painted black.  I loved it and knew that is what we needed to do.


I was also inspired by the FEARLESS use of the color black in my blog friend Melanie’s (From Southern Comfort in a Northern Life Blog) dining room. How gorgeous is this room? And look at that ceiling! And it’s only partially finished.  I can’t wait to see it when she is done.  When you get minute, stop by her blog and check it out.

Kitchen Bead Board 018    Kitchen Bead Board 019

Now back to the task at hand. I put my handsome husband to work.  We used a color called called “New Black” from Valspar in a semi-gloss finish that we found at Lowes.  It took two coats of paint to cover completely. 

Kitchen Bead Board 034

We used a Latex paint.  I am hoping for the best as far as wear and tear.  But worst case if the paint starts to chip or scratch, we’ll just give it another coat of “New Black” in an oil based paint.  It was really a quick project. 

Kitchen Bead Board 033

At first we did not paint the thin wood stain molding strip that is in place on the floor and when we removed the blue painter’s tape, it just didn’t look right.  So we re-taped and painted the thin strip of molding black so the black color went all the way to the floor. It made the counter look more substantial and finished looking and more like a piece of furniture if that makes any sense.  I really do love it. And now it’s time to recover the seats to the counter stools.  Did you see the fraying I’ve got going on in the first photo.  Embarrassing!!  :)


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

What a great transformation, Lisa! The black even looks like it picks up on flecks in your countertop. I'm going to visit your friend's blog, too. Her ceiling is gorgeous.

Jane said...

I love the black! It looks so rich and luxurious!!
You were one busy lady this past weekend.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

When my painter painted my cabinets several years ago he used a polyurethane over them to give them a furniture finish. That might help them not to chip so much.

Anonymous said...

Pretty gutsy of her to go black, but it's gorgeous!

Janette - The2Seasons said...

For the kitchen in our new place, we are putting a bluish gray distressed island that has a white glaze. The cabinets are white with marble tops. They arrived last week, and the builder will start installation next week. We expect to move in mid-May.

Fragrant Liar said...

I know it says "new black" but it looks blue! Anyway it matches your chairs and looks great!

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

It looks beautiful! My brother just renovated his kitchen and the island is wrapped in black beadboard! It's really sexy looking!

julie king said...

love the black paint on the bead board. i'm sure the "new" black is a huge improvement over the old. smile!! i must be the only person not watching all the bball hysteria.

Karen said...

I love the black Lisa and it will be so easy to keep it looking clean. I just painted my dining room black and I'm loving it.

Melanie said...

Thank you so much for the shout out:) You will love the black bead board.