Monday, June 29, 2009

Bayley Hazen Blue

I finally unwrapped my little package of the most fabulous cheese that I have tasted in a long time! It is Bayley Hazen Blue cheese from Jasper Hills Farm in Greensboro, Vermont! Absolutely delicious.

I spent this past Friday doing one of my favorite things.....milling about the wonderful Southern Seasons in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. This store has absolutely everything in the way of food, kitchen gadgets, wine, cheese, bread, pastries and cakes, a fabulous deli and specialty meats, teas, coffees, candy, and entertaining supplies. It has atmosphere and carries everything your local grocery store does not. Samples of the Bayley Hazen Blue were offered and one little bite of it on a cracker hooked me. I bought a small piece and could kick myself because now that I opened it....I can tell it will not last long. I should have bought a bigger piece! I served it on a sliced pear and the two together are really something special.

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