Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I watched Jon and Kate Plus 8 on TLC last night and witnessed the announcement that they have decided to separate. And actually, the news today is that they have taken it a step further and have filed divorce papers. It is all so sad really and very predictable. I don't have the strong opinions about Kate as a lot of people seem to and people are quick to blame her for the whole mess. She is considered a "shrew" by many and Jon was considered way too passive. Mix in a little bit of fame and fortune and throw in a few tabloid magazine covers and like Emmeril said in one of their last episodes......BAM!

I can understand why two very young and inexperienced parents of eight itty bitty children would sign on to do the show. It offered some financial stability and made their life a "mission". As their success and audience grew so did the possibility of it all blowing up in their faces down the line. I first started watching JaK+8 when my daughter invited me to sit down and watch it with her. My high school daughter thought it was a cute show and so did I. It felt a bit like watching home videos and it took me back to when my own kids were that age. Finally a cute and wholesome show that I could watch with my kids and not worry about cringing at the content.

Sadly, reality has taken over and I don't see much of a future for the show or for the Gosselin family. Money will become a big issue for them once again. How do they sustain this new lifestyle to which they have all become accustomed? The lightheartedness of the show is all but gone and my heart is heavy. I now have worries for those adorable kids and anxiety for their parents about how they are going to make their new situation work. This family won the lottery and look where it has taken them. Too much "fame and fortune" or "money is the root of all evil".....take your pick. Both apply in this sad situation.

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Carla said...

I agree with you completly. I too, didn't watch J&K at the beginning but began watching it some with my children. I could give you my views as who and what I think went wrong, but it wouldn't change the fact of how sad it really is. Those children are all so adorable and I wish both their parents would get a grip and realize what they are doing to the family and make ammends.