Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dewey's Bakery

I found a real bakery yesterday! My daughter was with me and when we walked in I told her to take a deep breath. Now this is what a REAL bakery smells like and looks like! I've only lived here in Greensboro, NC for about 10 years and this is the first time I've been to Dewey's Bakery on Stratford Road in Winston- Salem. So if you are reading this and you are from this area and you say "big deal". I say "YES! It is a BIG DEAL!!" It is the real thing. My kids only know the bakery at the local Harris Teeter or Food Lion. And I don't consider Krispy Kreme a bakery either. I am not disrespecting KK and I love them. They have their time and their place especially when they are "hot now", but they are not a "real" bakery just like Dunkin Donuts is not a "real" bakery!

Right now as I am typing, I am enjoying a Cinnamon Stick from Dewy's with my many cups of morning coffee. I think it's made with a puff pastry and twisted with cinnamon and sugar and is very flaky. Simple and so good. It was hard deciding what to buy from the beautiful glass cases of bakery goods and because we were there late in the day they were getting low on a few things. The employees all wear crisp uniforms with a collar and the women wore half aprons. So traditional. Kind of like the way I remember Sander's in Detroit. You can see the bakery kitchen behind a glass wall behind the display cases. We settled on bringing home some Cinnamon Buns for my son and picked up a package of dinner rolls that are so soft you want to squeeze them but was careful not to. They are going to be part of our dinner tonight. I love finding the real deal!

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