Sunday, July 12, 2009

Laundry Room: Almost Done!

The Laundry Room is almost done! We spent the day today working on finishing the trim moldings. We cut and measured, and got everything painted. We used Liquid Nails to glue the trim to the outside of the cabinets. Now let me explain how gross these cabinets were to start out with. They were the lowest end laminate cabinet you can get. I wanted to remove them completely and put them out in the garage for storage and then have new cabinets installed in the laundry. But then I remembered.....oh yeah, we have a daughter leaving for college in 4 weeks! New cabinets were never going to happen.

If you want to see a "Before" photo of my Laundry Room I just added one to my Laundry Room Day 2 post.

I can't tell you how much adding the wood trim to the outside of these cabinet changed their appearance! My favorite part has to be my new cookbook shelf area. Remember from an earlier post of mine that the center area had laminate doors that we removed. We then added the wider trim with the etched leaves and beaded edge and painted it black. Gorgeous! The photo does not do it justice. We also added the wood scroll piece below the sink and painted it black as well.

It is bright and cheery now with the "Grasscloth" green color walls. ALMOST DONE! I still need to find a valance and if forced I will sew one. But I am hopeful that somewhere I can find one ready made. Any ideas where I can find a ready made valance? All advice would be appreciated! I also need a long framed picture to hang on the small piece of wall next to the dryer. I saw a black metal Eiffle Tower at Target that might work but I think a black framed print might be better. Still shopping for something to go there.

The black and white floor that is so beautiful in my inspiration photo from Rhoda's blogsite: is on hold for now until we find a source for the peel and stick tiles and if I can keep my husband interested in the Laundry Room Home Improvement Project long enough till we find the tiles. I will keep you posted. Many thanks to Rhoda for getting me excited and inspired by the photos and advice on her blog!


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I just came over from the Southern Hospitality blog to see your laundry room pics. Lovely! I'm looking to use a similar color in my next home office and have written down the name.

As to your search for valances, have you checked eBay? I found valances for my dining room on there. I love them, they were new in package and a great price.

Stacey said...

Just came over from Rhodas...your laundry room is so cute! I just might work myself into being a copy cat. :)

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

Thanks for the kind comments!
Kathy, thanks for the tip about checking E-bay for a valence. I will check it out even though I found a valence since I posted those photos but I am not in love with it and plan to continue shopping. And Stacey, good luck if you decide to re-do your laundry room. You can't go wrong and you have lots of photo and blog sites to check for inspiration!

Amanda said...

love love the green with the black accents. Came over via Rhoda!

Stacey said...

Lisa, I had to come back and see your laundry room again. I debated and debated about using that grasscloth green. It's so fresh and pretty. My room doesn't get that much light even though it has a window. I used a light yellow that I found at Lowe's. I really like all of your accessories. That's what I still need to work on. My room still looks a little naked.