Friday, July 10, 2009

Opus # 5: I Love Learning New Words

I learned a new word today and I love that! I think I have my high school English teacher to thank for that. Her name was Mrs. Lonteen but she liked to go by "Moms". She was probably one of the best teachers I ever had but looking back I didn't think so at the time. She was exhausting. She was demanding. She made us call our essays an "Opus" and we had to number them. She had a baby son Jacob and if you ever wanted to suck up and get on her good side all you had to do was ask her about little Jacob. Of course I never did that.

Mrs. Lonteen would write a "Word of the Day" in the corner of her blackboard and we had to remember to write it and it's definition down so that we had something to study twenty days later when we would be tested on them. These were hard words. These were SAT worthy words. Words like "temerity", "nepotism, and supercilious". I am more of a big word dropper than a name dropper and I have her to thank for my vocabulary today. I can only hope my kids get a teacher as great as she was. That would be auspicious indeed!

Word of the Day:
turophile - cheese expert or connoisseur


Cheesewench said...

I'm glad I could help pick up where Mrs. Lonteen let off. Turophile is one of myf avorite words, but of course I am biased.

Lisa@Picklesandcheeseblog said...

Thanks for posting. I forgot which blog it was that I was reading that I came across the word. I trid to find it again and link you to the word in my piece. Really! :)
So thanks for finding me and I will do quick edit.